BREAKING NEWS: Confirmed by Italian most renowned football journalist Fabrizio Romano, 🚨Michael olise move to Manchester united done and sealed as both teams confirms move. Michael Olise has been making a number of headlines heading into this summer transfer window, Olise move to united is imminent but all deal and paperwork will be officially confirmed once the transfer window opens. Olise on his way to Old Trafford.


Michael Olise is attracting significant attention as the summer transfer window approaches. The Crystal Palace winger is highly sought after, with Manchester United being one of the most interested clubs.

However, United currently face some challenges. Their managerial situation is uncertain, and their transfer strategy is not fully developed. Despite these issues, Ben Jacobs, speaking on The Done Deal Show, believes that United’s pursuit of Olise won’t be hindered. Sources suggest that Olise is a meticulous decision-maker who will thoroughly consider all his options before making any move.

Jacobs elaborated on Olise’s deliberative nature: “I don’t think they have to worry about Olise going anywhere today or tomorrow. He’s an overthinker from what people say about the player,” Jacobs said. “Even if Chelsea or Newcastle enter the race for Olise, there will be no immediate panic. This may drag on until late in the window, which benefits Manchester United, as they might have the necessary funds by then. Olise’s transfer fee is expected to be between £60-65 million due to a complex release clause.”

Olise’s decision-making process suggests he is not in a hurry to leave Selhurst Park, which works in Manchester United’s favor. If Olise were eager for an immediate exit, a transfer to Old Trafford would be unfeasible as United are still resolving their managerial issues and not fully prepared to engage in the transfer market.

Given Olise’s tendency to carefully consider his future, he will likely remain on the market until United are ready to act. This delay is advantageous for United, who could significantly benefit from adding a player of Olise’s caliber to their squad for the upcoming season.

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