BREAKING NEWS: The European Union Football Association (UEFA) announced this morning that Chelsea FC will be relegated and that they will be penalized with a 500 thousand euro fine and a 15 point reduction as a result of leaked documents that cast doubt on how Abramovich sponsored the team.

A dossier identifies household name players who allegedly receive compensation off-books.


Roman Abramovich may have broken football regulations, according to documents that were leaked, and Chelsea FC may lose points as a result.

The Russian oligarch ex-owner is said to have contributed a number of covert payments to the club’s success over a ten-year period.

Tens of millions of pounds are allegedly buried in a money trail exposed by leaked documents.

Evidence reveals that off-book payments may have violated “financial fair play” laws by being transferred through Abramovich’s offshore accounts.

Chelsea is said to have profited from the deals, and there are doubts over whether the regulatory authorities of football were informed about them formally.

An associate of former Chelsea FC manager Antonio Conte, the former teams of star acquisitions Bertrand Traoré, Samuel Eto’o, and Willian, as well as other Chelsea FC personnel, appear to be among the beneficiaries.

Professionals predicted that the transactions, which were discovered by the Guardian and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, would result in the Premier League levying fines or deducting points.

According to football finance expert Kieran Maguire, author of The Price of Football, Chelsea regularly toyed with the idea of limiting its financial losses due to the club’s massive expenditure.

“Sanctions would be either financial or a points deduction if there is proof that the club has used third party transactions to circumvent the profitability and sustainability rules,” he stated.

“The latter is more likely because any commission looking into the circumstances of a club would want to issue a warning that discourages others from engaging in similar behaviour.”

The Premier League was already looking into Chelsea’s finances as part of an inquiry that spanned 2012 to 2019.

“Incomplete financial information” was presented while Abramovich was the owner, the west London club declared.

In addition to the £8.6 million fine imposed by Uefa, the body that oversees European football, the Football Association is reportedly conducting an investigation into the club’s admission.

The latest documents, which cover a broader time frame, have prompted further investigation into the possibility that Abramovich broke football regulations on multiple occasions.

Following a thorough review of 3.6 million records known as Cyprus Confidential, the payments became apparent.

The suspected off-book payments are connected to Abramovich’s business arrangement with Federico Pastorello, an Italian football agent, and the appointment of coach Antonio Conte.

In July 2017, he inked an agreement with Conibair Holdings, an Abramovich-owned business established in the British Virgin Islands.

Pastorello, who is supposedly close to Conte, received £10 million from Conibair in exchange for a 75% share in a US-based business fund.

Chelsea revealed that Conte has inked a new contract worth £9.6 million per year on the same day.

Leiston Holdings, another Abramovich-owned business, gave £1 million to Bertrand Traoré’s former team, Association des Jeunes Espoirs de Bobo, in 2013.

Two months after the full-back formally joined the Blues, the contract was signed.

Additional payments are allegedly connected to Willian and Samuel Eto’o’s 2013 agreements.

Additional payments made by the former Chelsea manager’s company seem to have helped Anzhi Makhachkala, the owner of their previous team.

Within two days of the cash being received by the now-defunct club, Chelsea signed Brazilian forward Willian and Cameroon forward Samuel Eto’o.

It follows after the oligarch was connected to two men called Vladimir Putin’s “wallets” by shocking files, which the BBC investigated.

The unearthed document dossier presented further proof purportedly connecting Abramovich to a covert £26 million transaction in 2010.

The extremely profitable Russian advertising company Video International’s shares were transferred for less than their apparent value in the purported covert arrangement.

The purported transactions involved two members of Putin’s closest circle receiving millions of dollars in profits from companies owned by a trust linked to Abramovich.


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  1. Laston Phiri says

    Chelsea is just hated for no reason. Abramovich was sanctioned and his club sold for billions of dollars without the owner benefiting even a single cent. Why would people still want to punish the club for the wrongs of someone who they took away a fortune from. This hatred is real.

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