HEARTWARMING NEWS: Emotional Joy for Family Luis Diaz, a star for Liverpool, sees his father again for the first time since his terrifying 12-day abduction. Its was said his father sustained a very serious injury but is being treated and Luis Diaz is currently with him


In these heartwarming pictures, Luis Diaz is seen hugging his father for the first time since his terrifying abduction experience.

The Liverpool winger landed in Colombia, and the two, in tears, were seen cuddling.

After being abducted by ELN rebels in Colombia, Luis Manuel Díaz Jimenez, 58, went through a terrible 12-day ordeal during which he felt he would not survive.

However, on Thursday of last week, the rebel group that had trapped the Liverpool player on October 28 finally released him, allowing him to be reunited with his exuberant friends and family.

He disclosed that he called his son, who was playing for Liverpool versus Toulouse at the time, as soon as he was freed.

The 58-year-old disclosed what his son said to him, sobbing as he relived the touching conversation.

He advised “to keep going because things don’t end here and to have a lot of strength to recover from everything that has happened” .

After the terrifying kidnapping, Díaz, who was slightly hurt, disclosed that no money was given in exchange for his release.

He stated to the local press: “There was no offer of resources, there was no need, everything was done legally, thank God , they did not request any resources, but that did not happen.”

“I thank God for this second chance” was his first words after opening up about his ordeal.

As the crowd applauded, he said, “I thank Colombia for this great support”.

In addition, he expressed his gratitude to the neighbourhood for helping his family, saying, “Thank you all, I love you very much.”

“I will get the chance to welcome them and give them a hug very soon. Many thanks again, my guys.”

Caracol News reports that he suffered a knee injury on his way back home and was spotted recovering in bed with his loved ones by his side.

Diaz’s captors were afraid that the police would find them, so they made him walk for over a week nonstop.

On November 9, the 58-year-old was observed stepping out of a helicopter in the La Guajira and Cesar border area. Upon his release, the UN rescue committee welcomed him.

After it was decided that the ELN would turn Díaz up to the committee somewhere in the Serranía del Perijá, the chopper was spotted at Valledupar airport.

The United Nations commission and the Catholic Church agreed to communicate with the ELN, which led to the release.

When the ace’s father got off the plane, he was spotted waving before getting a medical checkup and being brought to the hospital for a more in-depth examination.



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