BREAKING NEWS: ” I’m not afraid of them, they should be scared of what i have prepared for them cause I’m here with players that want to make history today will decide who should be the champion”. Dortmund Coach has sent a warning ⚠️ to Real Madrid ahead of the Champions League final. reveals the only reason why He is not afraid of Madrid ahead of their champions League clash. Be careful I’m coming for the trophy Dortmund send their warning.


In a press conference leading up to the much-anticipated UEFA Champions League match, Borussia Dortmund’s head coach made a bold declaration: “I’m not afraid of them. That day will decide who should be the champion.” This statement sets the stage for an electrifying showdown between Dortmund and Real Madrid.

The Dortmund coach, renowned for his tactical expertise and motivational skills, expressed strong confidence in his team. He acknowledged Real Madrid as a formidable opponent with a rich Champions League history but emphasized Dortmund’s recent form and team cohesion as key reasons for optimism.

“We respect Real Madrid, but we don’t fear them,” he asserted. “Our team has prepared meticulously for this match. We’ve analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, and we believe in our strategy. The outcome will be decided on the pitch, and we are ready to prove ourselves.”

He detailed the rigorous preparations undertaken by his team, focusing on both physical conditioning and tactical drills to counter Real Madrid’s playstyle. Emphasizing the importance of discipline and focus, particularly in defense, he noted their efforts to neutralize Madrid’s attacking threats.

“We’ve worked on various scenarios and honed our defensive and offensive tactics. The key will be to stay compact and capitalize on the opportunities we create. Our players are aware of their roles and responsibilities, and they are eager to rise to the occasion.”

A significant part of his confidence stems from the morale and unity within the Dortmund squad. He highlighted the camaraderie and mutual trust among the players, which he believes will be crucial in their performance.

“The spirit in the locker room is incredible. The players are motivated and hungry for success. They understand the magnitude of this match and are ready to give their all. This unity and determination are what make me believe we have what it takes to win.”

While confident, the coach was careful to show respect for Real Madrid, acknowledging their achievements and the quality of their squad. He praised Madrid’s coach and players, recognizing the challenge ahead.

“Real Madrid is a great team with a rich history in this competition. They have talented players and an experienced coach. We know it won’t be easy, but we thrive on challenges. Matches like these are why we love football.”

As the press conference concluded, the coach reiterated his belief in Dortmund’s potential to emerge victorious. His words have undoubtedly bolstered fans’ excitement and anticipation for the clash.

“On match day, it’s not about the past or the future; it’s about the present. We will step onto the pitch with confidence, determination, and the belief that we can achieve something special. That day will decide who should be the champion, and we are ready to prove ourselves.”

The upcoming match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams aiming to assert their dominance in Europe. With such confident words from their coach, Dortmund will enter the match with a strong mindset, ready to challenge one of the giants of the game.

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