BREAKING NEWS: ” I made a terrible mistake starting him in that match if not by now we should be celebrating a win and not a draw he killed the game and made his teammates unproductive”. Manchester City manager Guardiola has slammed one of his players after a terrible performance in the team’s latest match. Pep Guardiola said that the player was “wayward” and abject, and that his performance was the worst of the season. The player’s sluggish and lacklustre display was a far cry from his usual high standards, and pep made no “bones” about his “displeasure”. Guardiola Slams ‘Wayward’ Player After ‘Abject’ Display – ‘Worst Performance of the Season”.


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola expressed frustration with Jack Grealish’s performance and engaged in a confrontation with Arsenal defender Gabriel following their goalless draw at the Etihad Stadium. Guardiola approached Grealish to address aspects of his play that fell short of expectations. Despite Guardiola’s criticism, Grealish appeared receptive and took the feedback in his stride, demonstrating a willingness to improve.

However, tensions escalated further when Guardiola intervened in an argument between Gabriel and City striker Erling Haaland. Guardiola swiftly intervened, diffusing the situation and directing his attention towards Gabriel. Ultimately, both players resolved their differences, bringing an end to the conflict.

The draw tightened the race among the top contenders in the Premier League title race. Liverpool currently lead the table with 67 points, followed closely by Arsenal with 65 points, and Manchester City in third place with 64 points after 29 games. Following their draw with Arsenal, City’s next fixture is against Aston Villa on Wednesday.

Guardiola labeled Liverpool as the top contenders for the Premier League title following the draw with Arsenal, acknowledging their position at the summit of the table. Despite City’s recent winless run against the top two teams, Guardiola maintained confidence in his side’s abilities and emphasized their strong performances. He boldly asserted Manchester City’s superiority at the Etihad Stadium and defended their style of play, despite facing criticism.

Guardiola also praised Arsenal for their performance and acknowledged the challenges posed by their opponents. While City may have areas for improvement, Guardiola expressed satisfaction with his team’s overall performance and encouraged them to remain focused on the challenges ahead.

With nine games remaining in the season, Manchester City will aim to capitalize on any dropped points by their title rivals as they pursue a historic fourth consecutive Premier League title.

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