BREAKING NEWS: coming live from Fabrizio Romano, furious Jurgen Klopp call for one player to be sold despite Brighton victory as he hit out at his ‘lazy’ cameo at Anfield as he fails to meet expectations. He said “surely he needs to be sold during the summer, he’s one of my mistake signings he can’t do anything right its a terrible mistake having him in my team”. Jurgen Klopp lashes out on LAZY player.


Liverpool secured a crucial 2-1 victory against Brighton on Sunday, with Luis Diaz and Mo Salah finding the net after Danny Welbeck’s early opener. However, despite the win, the home crowd was far from pleased with one of their players.

The atmosphere at Anfield was tense as Jurgen Klopp’s team battled to overcome Brighton’s early lead. The frustration among supporters grew when Cody Gakpo was brought on as a substitute in the final minute of normal time.

Gakpo’s performance failed to meet expectations, with fans expressing disappointment on social media over his perceived lack of effort and contribution to the team’s efforts to secure the win. Many criticized the Dutch forward for his apparent lack of work ethic, particularly during the crucial closing stages of the game.

One fan expressed doubt about Gakpo’s future at the club, suggesting that his performance did not align with the standards expected at Liverpool. Another fan lamented Gakpo’s casual approach to the game, likening his demeanor to a leisurely stroll rather than a professional football match.

Some fans resorted to humor to convey their frustration, with one jokingly suggesting that former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, who recently played in a charity match at Anfield, could have offered more on the pitch than Gakpo.

Overall, despite securing the win, Liverpool fans were left disappointed by Gakpo’s lackluster performance and expressed concerns about his future at the club.

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