DEVASTATING NEWS: reported by Fabrizio Romano, arsenal star has been suspended until further notice after his heated confrontation with his fellow college during Arsenal’s victory over Nottingham Forest on Tuesday. He said ” you can’t act that way in my team it was unprofessional of him and he needs to be disciplined “. Arsenal star suspended until further notice.


In the aftermath of Arsenal’s 2-1 triumph over Nottingham Forest, Manager Mikel Arteta shed light on a post-match confrontation between Oleksandr Zinchenko and Ben White at the City Ground. Despite the intensity of the exchange, Arteta displayed understanding, stressing the team’s commitment to excellence and the necessity of pushing each other to demand the best.

Arteta, speaking to TNT Sports, explained that the heated exchange reflected the team’s discontent with conceding goals, indicating their collective drive for excellence. Emphasizing the importance of respectful challenges and encouragement among players, Arteta cultivates a competitive environment where high standards are paramount.

Following goals from Gabriel Jesus and Bukayo Saka securing the victory, Arsenal’s positive outcome was somewhat marred by Taiwo Awoniyi’s late goal preventing a clean sheet. Arteta acknowledged the emotional nature of post-game interactions but highlighted the team’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Looking ahead to the crucial match against Liverpool, Arteta acknowledged the significance of the two-point gap between the teams. Arsenal’s ascent in the Premier League standings, coupled with recent strong performances, sets the stage for a pivotal encounter at the Emirates Stadium. The manager stressed the importance of building momentum, citing the team’s solid display against Crystal Palace.

Arteta expressed satisfaction with Arsenal’s patient approach against Nottingham Forest, underlining the intention to create scoring opportunities throughout the game. Despite numerous chances in positional play, converting them into goals proved challenging. Arteta acknowledged the home team’s resilience and highlighted the overall performance, deeming the victory crucial.

Reflecting on the need for varied tactical approaches, Arteta emphasized finding the right moments to capitalize on opportunities. While Arsenal dominated in positional play, the manager’s satisfaction with the win stems from the team’s resilience against a formidable opponent at their home ground.

As Arsenal readies for the clash with Liverpool, Arteta’s focus lies in maintaining positive momentum and employing diverse tools to overcome challenges. His satisfaction with the team’s recent performances underscores a belief in their ability to compete at a high level. The upcoming match against Liverpool serves as an opportunity for Arsenal to further solidify their standing in the Premier League and continue their pursuit of excellence under Arteta’s guidance.

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