DEVASTATING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, Chelsea star midfielder is frustrated with the club’s lack of success and is pushing for shocking summer exit. He said . “I feels frustrated [at Chelsea] because I’m was always a winner, so going through these moments is not easy,” and day in day out I don’t see any positive change in the team it feels like we are always going backwards, I have to leave this was not what I planned for when coming here with the new board and new Coach I thought it was going to better but no. Chelsea has FALLEN”.

Enzo Fernandez, a midfielder for Chelsea, is reportedly upset about the team's lack of success, according to his father.


In January 2023, Chelsea made a significant financial investment to secure Enzo Fernandez from Benfica after his pivotal role in Argentina’s 2022 World Cup victory. The €121 million spent marked a record signing for Chelsea at the time, a distinction now held by Moises Caicedo following his €134 million transfer from Brighton in the summer.

However, Fernandez’s tenure at Stamford Bridge has been far from successful in the past year. The Blues endured a disappointing 12th-place finish last season, missing out on European football. Although this season under Mauricio Pochettino shows improvement, Chelsea remains underwhelming, currently sitting in 10th place in the Premier League. Despite the upcoming Carabao Cup final against Liverpool, inconsistency has plagued Pochettino’s squad.

Fernandez’s individual performances have suffered amid Chelsea’s mediocrity, leading to the midfielder’s dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs at the club. This sentiment is echoed by his father, Don Raúl Fernández, who disclosed, “He feels a bit frustrated [at Chelsea] because he was always a winner, so going through these moments is not easy,” in an interview with ESTO.

Don Raúl advised his son to remain calm, avoid social media scrutiny, and focus on training, assuring him that things will improve. Despite Chelsea being in a transitional phase, incorporating young players into the squad, Don Raúl encourages patience, emphasizing that the team’s fortunes will turn around. He acknowledges the challenges of adapting to a youthful lineup but maintains optimism, expressing confidence that with time, Chelsea’s trajectory will improve.

Supporting his son from a distance, Don Raúl conveys positive reinforcement, affirming that the team will overcome its current challenges. He predicts that within another year, the situation will improve, and both Enzo Fernandez and Chelsea will experience a positive upturn.

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