DEVASTATING NEWS: FFP warning and points deductions for London big three as Premier League changes schedule according to Fabrizio Romano. In a surprising turn of events, the Premier League has announced that Chelsea will all be docked points due to the revised schedule. The clubs have also been warned about the importance of adhering to FFP rules, which could have serious implications for their future. This is a major development in the Premier League, and it will be interesting to see how the affected clubs respond.


The Premier League has taken action against Everton, issuing a ten-point deduction for breaching Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSRs). This move stands out as the government considers introducing an independent monitor. These regulations, similar to Financial Fair Play (FFP), aim to limit excessive spending by club owners, ensuring a balance between risk and ambition to maintain fairness. As the 2023–24 season progresses, the Premier League anticipates increased state ownership of clubs and investments from private equity firms in the upper echelons of the league.

The league has rescheduled important dates, hinting at heightened scrutiny. There are indications that teams will be notified about potential breaches by mid-January, with Nottingham Forest possibly facing significant consequences. Speculation surrounds Chelsea’s recent transfer expenditure and Roman Abramovich’s management, although their current standing seems secure.

Arsenal’s substantial player spending without significant sales might escape punishment, while Tottenham hasn’t been part of the discussions. However, the actions taken by the Premier League will have a significant impact, particularly if Nottingham Forest becomes the third club charged with financial offenses within a year, given their loss of over £105 million in three years.

Everton’s appeal against their penalty, backed by partial agreement from an external body, introduces uncertainty into the situation. David Ornstein’s update suggests an ongoing process with no immediate verdict. Everton aims to reclaim the ten points, with the possibility of a partial restoration. New regulations mandating clubs to submit their 2022–23 financial reports earlier in the new year could lead to quicker resolutions by the end of January, offering hope for clarity by season end.

Manchester City and Chelsea face distinct challenges: Chelsea’s examination for potential wrongdoing under Abramovich might lead to consequences, while City denies past financial rule violations from 2008 to 2018. Unlike Everton, their case might extend over years due to planned court trials. Meanwhile, as Arsenal reflects on last season’s performance, the changing landscape of charges and penalties within the same season raises queries.

While Arsenal’s pursuit of the Premier League title remains elusive, the more rigorous and streamlined procedures signal a significant impact on the football landscape. The uncertain outcomes for Chelsea and City highlight the ongoing complexities in enforcing financial regulations in professional football.

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