SHOCKING NEWS: Reports coming from Fabrizio Romano, After announcing his departure from Bayern Munich this evening, Harry Kane, the former star of Tottenham, is making an unexpected comeback to the Premier League. With man utd keen to secure his signing.


Daniel Levy, the Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, disclosed that the club secured a buy-back clause as part of the agreement that saw Harry Kane leave for Bayern Munich this summer.

Kane, a mainstay at Spurs for 19 years, departed for the German champions in a transfer valued close to £100 million. Despite signaling a significant change, Levy’s recent revelation suggests that Spurs have maintained the option to reacquire the prolific striker in the future.

During a fan conference on Tuesday, Levy confirmed, “There is a buy-back clause,” yet refrained from divulging specific details about its terms, such as the financial implications or the activation timeframe.

Ahead of his inaugural Champions League match with Bayern against Manchester United, Kane expressed continuous support for his former team. He affirmed, “I’m always keeping an eye on them, and I’ll keep an eye on Tottenham for the rest of my life.” Acknowledging the team’s positive performances, he expressed delight in witnessing the supporters’ happiness. As Spurs brace for a crucial match against Arsenal on Sunday, Kane pledged to follow their progress throughout the season.

Despite his move to Bayern, Kane’s allegiance to Tottenham remains evident, and the inclusion of a buy-back clause adds an intriguing facet to his departure. The chairman’s disclosure instills optimism among Spurs fans, hinting at the possibility of a potential reunion with their star striker, defying initial expectations of a definitive farewell.

Kane’s recent contrast between life at Bayern and Tottenham, mentioning that losing games at the German club “never felt like a disaster,” stirred some dissatisfaction among Spurs supporters. However, his ongoing interest in the club’s performance coupled with Levy’s revelation about the buy-back clause suggests a more intricate storyline, implying that the striker’s connection to Tottenham might endure beyond his tenure with Bayern.

As the season unfolds, the presence of this buy-back option fuels speculation and anticipation among the Spurs faithful. The impact of this potential clause on Harry Kane’s footballing journey and the future dynamics between the striker and his cherished Tottenham Hotspur remains to be seen.

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