SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Roman, Bayer Munich star has finally agreed to join Real Madrid as he desires more glory to his name than Money. According to the German outlet his employer were ready to tie him down with a new contract but the player declined. He said ” I love Bayer I love the fans but I I’m in search of something I’m hungry for success but I chose “glory” over money by agreeing to sign for the Spanish giants”. Bayer Munich star agrees to join Real Madrid.

According to Spanish media, Alphonso Davies' future decision will depend on how much money or glory he values.


The contractual negotiations between the Bayern standout and the club have hit a standstill. Despite Bayern’s prolonged interest in securing the Canadian’s services for the long term, the managerial changes at the conclusion of the previous season have halted any progress in that direction.

Since his arrival from the Vancouver Whitecaps, Davies has solidified his position as one of the premier left-backs globally, prompting Bayern’s keenness to retain him. However, his contract expiring in 2025 poses a significant challenge, requiring substantial efforts to persuade him to extend his stay in Germany.

The uncertainty hovering over his contract status has drawn the attention of Real Madrid, actively seeking a long-term successor to the iconic Marcelo since his departure. Davies emerges as a fitting candidate. While Bayern has reportedly set a price tag of €50 million for the upcoming summer, the final decision rests squarely with Davies.

According to MARCA, Davies confronts a choice between “money and glory.” The Spanish paper’s December 28 cover featured Davies, emphasizing that if he opts for Real Madrid, he might need to forego a substantial financial package available elsewhere due to the club’s stable and balanced wage structure—a situation reminiscent of Jude Bellingham’s experience.

Bellingham, the English prodigy, faced a similar scenario, where he could have earned significantly more by joining clubs like Manchester City but prioritized “glory” by signing with the Spanish giants. Davies now stands at a similar crossroads, contemplating between financial gain and the pursuit of a prestigious career path.

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