SHOCKING NEWS: from Fabrizio Romano, Mason Greenwood declined a return to Manchester United once Real Madrid expressed interest. Greenwood prefers staying in Spain and, given the Mbappe situation, the likelihood of his move to Real Madrid has increased significantly. His desire to play alongside Jude Bellingham.


Pepe Bordalas, the manager of Getafe, shared insights regarding Mason Greenwood’s potential to thrive at elite clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. Bordalas stressed the significance of not just talent but also the essential role of hard work for a player’s success. Speaking to MARCA, Bordalas described Greenwood as a unique player possessing abundant talent, yet he underscored that in football, talent alone isn’t the determining factor. He emphasized the necessity for dedication surpassing mere talent, noting that only when Greenwood reaches his peak performance will his true capabilities be evident. Nonetheless, Bordalas expressed confidence in Greenwood’s ability to fit into any top-tier team due to his inherent qualities.

Bordalas further commended Greenwood’s journey, acknowledging the challenges he faced, including a prolonged absence from the sport due to legal issues. Despite this setback, Getafe entrusted Greenwood, appreciating his talent and previous level of performance, demonstrating patience and confidence in his abilities.

After his hiatus, Greenwood experienced a resurgence at Getafe, showcasing a notable performance with five goals and four assists in 15 games across various competitions. Reports from footballwave highlighted  Barcelona’s interest in acquiring Greenwood, with their scouts observing his matches in La Liga. Speculation arose that Manchester United might not recall Greenwood, potentially making a transfer to Spanish clubs more enticing based on the report.

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