SHOCKING NEWS: “Chelsea football club right now is a joke up from the management down to the coach I love Chelsea fans but I can’t remain here it’s sad to see a once standing giant in the premier League fall this flat”. According to Fabrizio Romano, a Chelsea player has expressed a desire to depart once the transfer window opens. West Ham is reportedly interested in securing the signing of this key Chelsea player. The player mentioned dissatisfaction with the current state of Chelsea, citing issues from management to coaching. Although fond of Chelsea fans, they find it difficult to stay given the club’s current situation, expressing sadness witnessing a once-dominant Premier League team decline.

Ian Maatsen, the outcast of Chelsea, may be headed to West Ham in January, a report suggests.


The young Dutch talent within Chelsea’s ranks, under the age of 21, is encountering substantial difficulties in securing playtime at Stamford Bridge. There’s renewed speculation about his departure in 2024. Despite his significant involvement in Mauricio Pochettino’s pre-season plans, Maatsen opted out of a permanent move to his former loan club, Burnley, during the summer. His decision seemingly aimed at capitalizing on his strong showings in hopes of advancement within Chelsea’s squad.

Regrettably, the 21-year-old’s season hasn’t unfolded as envisioned. He has barely accumulated 141 minutes of play in the Premier League, failing to secure a starting spot in any of the division’s games this season. When granted rare opportunities, he has predominantly been deployed on the wing instead of his natural left-back position.

Predictably, his limited playing time has garnered attention. In October, rumors surfaced about potential interest from Barcelona and Manchester City, eyeing a January pre-transfer agreement or a discounted deal due to his expiring contract. However, Chelsea swiftly dismissed these speculations by triggering a one-year extension.

Despite this extension, his circumstances haven’t taken a turn for the better, increasing the likelihood of a departure during the winter transfer window. West Ham seems to be emerging as a potential destination. Journalist Dean Jones revealed West Ham’s enduring interest in Maatsen, indicating their intent to pursue a deal in January. He suggested, “Maatsen at Chelsea is somebody that they are interested in again. They had a look at him in the summer and I was told that they feel they’ve got a good chance of keeping him within the Premier League. I think their main competition might come from the continent at the moment, but West Ham are at least going to try again, and see if they can do anything.”

However, he cautioned that West Ham faces significant decisions in this crucial period, needing to navigate their transfers carefully while also handling the impending contract situation of their manager, David Moyes, as it approaches expiration in the upcoming year.

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