DEVASTATING NEWS: coming live from Chelsea, few Football legends are calling for the the eviction of Pochettino and labeled him “NAIVE”. Since Pochettino took over as manager in the summer of his Chelsea side have been accused of failing to perform and are in mid- table. peter crouch accused where he believed the problems lay, pointing the finger at the Chelsea manager. It’s time for him “Pochettino” to go, with all his time in the Premier he still hasn’t learnt anything. Football legend blows hot.

With their current roster of players, Chelsea's position in the Premier League table has drawn criticism from Peter Crouch.


Indeed, he has declared that the Blues’ midtable position is “absolutely ridiculous.”

The team led by Mauricio Pochettino entered this weekend’s schedule of games ranked tenth in the Premier League. Surprisingly, they have only managed to accrue 22 points from 17 games thus far.

With their last three games of 2023, Chelsea has a great chance to try and get back on track. Tomorrow afternoon, they take on Wolverhampton Wanderers; the following week, they play Crystal Palace and Luton Town.

Peter Crouch remarks
In his first season at Stamford Bridge, Peter Crouch has asked everyone to refrain from being unduly critical of Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino.

He is astounded, though, by how little the Blues are accomplishing.

“I don’t think it’s entirely his (Pochettino’s) fault,” Crouch stated on his podcast, “I look at the managers they have had in recent years, even [Graham] Potter, and it feels like a lot of turmoil is going on behind the scenes.” You really can’t judge him based on what’s happening right now, in my opinion. Although he has been a successful manager in the past, I believe Chelsea is currently struggling and appears to be a midtable team, which is absurd given the players’ calibre of play. Nevertheless, that is where they currently stand.

Chelsea isn’t doing well.
Yes, injuries have plagued Chelsea since the start of the season, which is very unfortunate. But when you shell out so much money to put together the team, you won’t get much leniency from the opposition.

We both agree that, given the current crop, 10th place isn’t good enough. Even though there are a lot of promising young players for the future, their performances have been too uneven.

The team’s participation in the Carabao Cup competition has been crucial to their success this year, particularly as they prepare to play Championship team Middlesbrough in a two-leg semifinal.

Chelsea must, however, improve significantly in the league and find a significant turnaround for the second half of the campaign.

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