The FIFA Football Association (FIFA) has just made a very sad announcement regarding the officials and referees of the match between Liverpool FC and Arsenal. This news has resulted in the officials and referees losing their jobs. commenting on the match for Sky Sports, even sided with Liverpool, calling Odegaard “lucky” for the decision not to award a penalty. “I think that’s a penalty, he’s very fortunate there (Martin) Odegaard. There may be something in the slip but I think that’s a penalty.”

In the match at the top of the table on Saturday, Martin Odegaard of Arsenal was given a penalty for a handball, and both Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher expressed their confusion on behalf of Liverpool.


Gabriel Magalhaes stunned Anfield by heading in Odegaard’s free kick in front of the Kop four minutes into the match, ending the scoreless draw. But a controversial call added to the intensity of the high-stakes match between Jurgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta’s teams.

The man who opened the scoring, Martin Odegaard, nearly gave Arsenal a scare halfway through the first half when he appeared to handle the ball in the penalty area. Mohamed Salah’s flick-on hit Odegaard squarely in the near distance, his hand hovering just above the grass. The incident intensified debate about a potential handball, heightening the tension in Liverpool and Arsenal’s top-of-the-table match.

Martin Odegaard may have handballed, but on-field referee Chris Kavanagh missed it, giving the visitors the opportunity to counterattack. VAR After reviewing the incident, David Coote decided against stopping play and giving Liverpool a penalty.

When he provided commentary on the game for Sky Sports, Gary Neville even sided with Liverpool, referring to Odegaard’s decision to not award a penalty as “lucky.”

“I believe that’s a penalty; Martin Odegaard is really lucky there.” Though I believe that to be a penalty, there might be something in the slip.

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