Exclusive news: If English clubs enter the Super League, they ought to face a “permanent ban.”

The Super League on Thursday sent the football world into a frenzy once more, and Stan Collymore thinks that any English club that joins it ought to be permanently barred from playing in English competitions.


The European Super League can now officially be established after the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice declared yesterday that UEFA and FIFA had violated competition law by forbidding the creation of the league in 2021 and by sanctioning the participating clubs.

The project is being led by Real Madrid and Barcelona, two of the biggest clubs in Spain, and they will take their time in trying to get other teams to join them.

The English clubs are the competition’s primary target, and while some have already declared their intention to not enter the Super League, Stan Collymore believes that if they do, they ought to be permanently barred from all English football competitions.

If English teams enter the Super League, they ought to be permanently barred.
In his most recent exclusive column for CaughtOffside, Collymore said that English clubs should be content with what they already have and that they should face appropriate consequences if they join the Super League.

“What needs to happen, from the English perspective, is that after what happened in 2021, I think English football clubs should be permanently banned from the league if they don’t blink and don’t come out in the next 24 or 48 hours and say ‘we are committed to the pyramid in England and UEFA competitions.'”

“I believe that the penalty must be appropriate. They are all going to be asking themselves, “How much can we get out of this?” given the alleged financial stakes in this Super League.

Since they already receive absurd amounts of money from UEFA and will soon receive additional funds from an expanded FIFA Club World Cup on top of what they already receive from the Premier League, let’s face it: if one English club blinks, they are too greedy to be allowed to compete in an English tournament ever again.

The English pyramid is unimportant to these “big six” clubs. Since football was introduced to this nation in the late 19th century, breaking that covenant is unacceptable; the only appropriate penalty would be a permanent ban.

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