DEVASTATING NEWS; report from Fabrizio Romano, He must leave Manchester United and look for a “new challenge,” Manchester United star player has been told to leave United.  “he’s not playing, he doesn’t look right, and his body language is off,he appears to have lost his path, and he simply seems to be drifting around. I don’t believe he’s working. He need to find himself a new club.

He must leave Manchester United and look for a "new challenge,"


Chris Sutton thinks Marcus Rashford, a sensation at Manchester United, ought to go to find a “new challenge” after his form has declined this year.

In the most recent edition of Mail Sport’s “It’s All Kicking Off” podcast, Sutton and co-host Ian Ladyman discussed Rashford’s performance.

The attacker has struggled this season, scoring just twice in 20 Manchester United appearances after scoring 30 goals in 56 games the previous year.

In Man United’s last two games, Erik ten Hag started Rashford off the bench; he played the last six minutes of their 2-1 victory over Chelsea and the final eleven minutes of their 3-0 home loss to Bournemouth.

The football editor for Mail Sport, Ladyman, stated that he is concerned about Rashford following his removal from Ten Hag’s starting lineup.
At 26, Marcus Rashford ought to be in or close to his prime years, so where will he go in his career? “I’m beginning to have concerns about him,” Ladyman said.

“He is not a member of Ten Hag’s squad, but he is publicly associated with the group of disgruntled Manchester United supporters, known as the anti-Ten Hag faction, which seems to comprise [Jadon] Sancho and [Raphael] Varane.”

Rashford has been included in the group with the others. That may or may not be accurate, but the topic has been brought up. I’m sure Marcus would disagree. However, he doesn’t appear right, he’s not playing, and his body language is strange.

So, what direction should Marcus Rashford take us? Where is Chris going? When you look at him, when you watch him play, and when you look at his stats, what do you notice?

He agreed with the current analysis of Rashford’s work ethic, in which the forward’s body language is being questioned by supporters and pundits.
He seems to be in distress right now. Sutton said, “I think for him and his profession, he seems bored, stale.”

“I think he’s a player who needs a change of scenery and a fresh challenge,”

He just seems to be floating around, though there was a debate a few seasons back regarding how it seemed like he had lost his direction.

It is my opinion that there are concerns regarding his work ethic among the team members, which is a valid question and assessment. I don’t think he’s doing his job.
However, it seems like he’s a player looking for a fresh challenge.

In sharp contrast to his goal-scoring prowess the previous season, which helped Manchester United return to the Champions League, Rashford’s issues this season.

Rashford, who scored 17 of the 58 goals the Red Devils scored to finish fourth, was a major contributor.

The 26-year-old received a new five-year contract in June as compensation for his achievements, with the club receiving a base salary of £300,000 every week.

Rashford promised to “give everything to help the team reach the level we are capable of” when he signed his contract.

Given Rashford’s goal-scoring ability, Ten Hag set a goal of 40 goals for the season.


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