SHOCKING NEWS: Fabrizio Romano has reported that Erik ten Hag will not be sacked and has the support of the board. “The constant recycling of coaches, amid a background of leaks from the dressing room, empowers the Man Utd squad to believe that they can be rid of whoever they choose, with their hefty wage packets protected. So as to say it has to stop and we believe that Erik ten Hag is the right man for the job, patience is all that is asked for from the United supporters”. He is not going to be sacked.

When viewed from the outside, Manchester United must rank among the hardest teams to cheer for.


Any glimpse of hope will almost invariably be followed by heartbreak. Man Utd won three titles earlier this week: Erik ten Hag was named Manager of the Month, Alejandro Garnacho was named Goal of the Month, and Harry Maguire was named Player of the Month for November.

For a club crisis, not too bad, huh? Additionally, the Red Devils had just defeated Chelsea 2-1 at Old Trafford, putting on their most convincing performance of the year. After a disastrous loss to Newcastle the previous game and throughout this laborious season in general, everything was looking up.

However, after their poorest performance of the season against Bournemouth at home on Saturday, the bandage was removed and it was evident that the team still had the same issues. Although they lost 3-0, it was very easily 4-0. It was an appalling performance, and not a single player gained any credibility. In actuality, they were all jeered off the pitch at Old Trafford. Now, Man Utd will play Liverpool at Anfield before taking on Bayern Munich in their final Champions League group stage match on Tuesday night, where they will probably be eliminated.

But Man Utd must not bench Ten Hag, even if they lose these games. Here are four explanations for this.

Man Utd would be carrying on a destructive pattern.
Man Utd has been firing its head coach and installing a new one in an attempt to turn around their fortunes for more than a decade. It has never succeeded, according to Louis van Gaal and David Moyes. Because of the frequent turnover of coaches and the ongoing leaks from the locker room, the Manchester United team feels that they can fire any coach they want and still have their large salary protected. If nothing changes, nothing will change, and Man Utd will need to take a different approach than they have in the past in order to get a different outcome.

The factor of Mikel Arteta
These days, all it takes is a poor month for a head coach to be fired. Even Sir Alex Ferguson experienced hardships when he first joined the team, as do most coaches; however, it takes time to establish a winning culture. Mikel Arteta is the finest illustration. For the Spaniard, the first few seasons were difficult; it didn’t happen quickly. Arsenal still has some work ahead of them, but they are undoubtedly title contenders. Maybe the future will be much better than the present if Man Utd could afford Ten Hag the same patience.

The team must have stability prior to the acquisition.
It hasn’t helped that Sir Jim Ratcliffe is about to take over the club in part. Too many players at the club are uncertain about their futures, or even if they’ll play for Manchester United in the upcoming campaign.

Performances on the pitch have naturally suffered as a result of this ambiguity. It would be completely useless to search for a new head coach while the announcement is still pending and the new recruiting team is not in their stations. To avoid future headaches, the new board needs to give Ten Hag some time, even from a practical standpoint. Whatever Ten Hag does going forward is the Glazer’s fault; if they make a mistake and hire someone too soon, it could lead to another disappointing season at Old Trafford, but this time they will be held accountable.

Not ignoring Ten Hag’s accomplishments from the previous season
It’s undeniable that this season has been extremely difficult. Both the coach and the players are to blame for the current state of affairs. When he came to Man Utd from Ajax, Ten Hag was never going to win the Premier League, but he has demonstrated that he is capable of providing some competence.

Following Ralf Rangick, he joined Manchester United, which had just experienced its worst-ever Premier League finish. After that, he led them back into the Champions League, defeating teams like Chelsea and Liverpool, and he even won the League Cup by triumphing over a revitalised Newcastle. The Dutchman had an incredible first campaign. While he may not be an exceptional coach, he is currently the one they require.


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