BREAKING NEWS: Fabrizio Romano reports after an interview with one United greatest he said ” The fact that Bournemouth won at Old Trafford and no one was surprised says everything about Manchester United under Erik ten Hag. It’s time for a change, but only if they plan ahead of time. It’s pointless to fire Ten Hag until United know what they want to do next. However, it is evident that this manager is not the ideal fit for Manchester United.

It's obvious that the Red Devils are not the right team for this boss. For their season to return, he needs to be fired.


The fact that no one was shocked by Bournemouth’s victory at Old Trafford speaks volumes about Manchester United under Erik ten Hag.

Ten Hag is not the right guy to lead United back to the top of the English football table.

United simply isn’t able to compete with City, Liverpool, and Arsenal with the players they have under Ten Hag. After a successful debut season, I don’t see a club getting better. I see someone who is regressing, and with Ten Hag in charge, I don’t see that changing.

Ten Hag isn’t solely to blame, of course. Many of United’s issues are not limited to him. A few of the players have to check themselves in the mirror as well.

Conversely, Ten Hag has had a significant impact on United’s hiring practices, even though none of the transactions have been deemed a success thus far. It’s his fault that some of the players don’t seem as enthusiastic; he needs to work on his strategy.

Every time I watch United play, I’m struck by how easy they are to play against and how open they are. When they play a half-decent team, they always lose. They suffered a loss at Tottenham.

Arsenal emerged victorious against them. Brighton emerged victorious against them. Munich defeated them handily. They were beaten by Crystal Palace at Old Trafford. Galatasaray followed suit. When Man City arrived, they were destroyed.

Recent successes and manager of the month accolades have masked apparent problems. They needed a late goal to defeat Fulham. At Old Trafford, they triumphed over Luton Town by a single goal. They prevailed at Sheffield United by a single goal. To win, Brentford required two goals in stoppage time.

Bournemouth had three goals and had the opportunity for four. This outcome did nothing more than validate United’s situation. United does not want to find themselves in a situation where they lose by five goals when they visit Anfield. They were defeated by a score of 7-0 back in March. Something like that, and things could be different.

..I’ve always thought United would give Ten Hag until the end of the current campaign, but they need to make a change right away so that a new manager can work out what needs to be done if they want to get to where they want to be.

You get the feeling that Ten Hag accepted the United position a little too soon, which is unfortunate because he is a kind person.

At Ajax, he never had to deal with superstars. He was never subjected to the constant scrutiny that comes with being at one of the biggest clubs in the world. His attempts to learn on the job are failing. Until the management changes, the style won’t alter.

Change is needed, but only if they prepare beforehand. Ten Hag’s dismissal is meaningless until United decides what to do next. But it’s clear that Manchester United is not the best place for this manager.

Imagine your reaction if Bournemouth defeated City 3-0. If they triumphed at Arsenal by three points, you would act similarly. The United thing is one where you just shrug your shoulders. That pretty much covers it all.

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