BREAKING NEWS: The European Union Football Association (UEFA) announced this morning that Chelsea FC will be relegated for sure after it was confirmed that Everton was deducted 10 points and penalized. The Premier League is now investigating the years 2012 to 2019 to see whether Chelsea violated any league regulations. Chelsea was fined £8.6 million by Uefa for FFP violations during the Abramovich administration. Soon a decision would be made.

As Everton faces severe pressure from the Premier League, both clubs will be perspiring.


RELEGATION is a threat to CHELSEA and Manchester City, according to a former Etihad club financial advisor 

For a single infraction of the Premier League’s profit and sustainability Financial Fair Play regulations, Everton received a startling ten-point deduction.

Manchester City is defending itself against 115 accusations of violating FFP Premier League regulations.
Chelsea might also face severe penalties for potential FFP violations.

The Toffees are the first Premier League team to lose points for violating FFP rules.

Furthermore, it is now known that Chelsea and City may both be facing major difficulties.

The Premier League smacked City with a whopping 115 charges of FFP breaches the previous season.

The team is mounting a significant legal defensive effort to battle the Premier League while continuing to maintain their innocence.

In the meantime, Chelsea’s payments to former owner Roman Abramovich are being closely monitored.

And now legal expert Stefan Borson thinks both teams might be demoted from the premier league.

“Without seeing the judgement/award, -10 points for Everton feels harsh for a simple FFP violation,” tweeted Borson.

However, it further emphasises that penalties against City [if proven] and Chelsea [if prosecuted and acknowledged for making off-book payments] could result in relegation.

One thing is certain: considering the severity of this sporting penalty, Chelsea’s calculation—which, in my opinion, suggests they might disregard Premier League sustainability and profit and instead accept a punishment as a necessary business expense—needs to be urgently and quickly reexamined.

“The window in January may be intriguing. They can no longer count on persuading an Independent Commission to recognise their Covid and Sanctions allowances as extraordinary adjustments—at least not in the best-case scenario, if that was ever the idea.

Manchester City was charged for their lack of cooperation during a four-year examination into its financial situation from 2009 to 2018.

Lawyers for the Premier League think that, given the club’s Abu Dhabi owners, City concealed the real source of their income by pretending it came from sponsors.

Additionally, City is charged with concealing the fact that it paid a large amount of former manager Roberto Mancini’s salary through a shell business in Abu Dhabi.

The Premier League is now investigating the years 2012 to 2019 to see whether Chelsea violated any league regulations. Chelsea was fined £8.6 million by Uefa for FFP violations during the Abramovich administration.

However, information about potential additional sanctions for the Blues surfaced this week after it seemed that the Russian oligarch had broken the law based on leaked documents.

Off-book money from a third-party covert money trail is said to have the potential to put the West Londoners in legal hot water.

However, as the payments in question are unrelated to FFP laws, Chelsea would likely face a fine rather than a reduction of points if proven guilty.

In the three windows since Todd Boehly acquired the team last year, Chelsea has gone on an insane spending binge, spending over £1 billion on new players.


Martin Lipton, head sports correspondent for SunSport, told talkSPORT After Everton’s point deduction, Chelsea and Manchester City will be “sweating profusely”.

“There are 115 charges against City that are being denied, and they maintain that their case is strong,” he stated.

Chelsea has acknowledged its infractions and revealed their books.

“Many of the charges against Chelsea date back before the FFP regulations were implemented.

“A point deduction is the clear assumption, but if City is proven guilty, they’ll probably suffer relegation.

Although the City has very skilled solicitors, one of them lost this week in the Supreme Court.”

Everton was fined a ground-breaking £105 million after losing £124.5 million in the three years that concluded in 2021–2022.

Sean Dyche’s team is now five points outside of safety in the Premier League after their ten-point deduction, level on points with bottom-place Burnley.

In the history of the Premier League, only two clubs have ever had points deducted.

In the 1996–97 season, Middlesbrough lost three points for missing a scheduled match against Blackburn.

Portsmouth lost nine points in March 2010 for going into administration.

Portsmouth and Middlesbrough were both demoted after receiving their corresponding point penalties.

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