DEVASTATING NEWS According to jurgen klopp one of Liverpool key man is out with a terrible injury and has left the squad devastated and will be out until new year

Juergen Klopp stated at his Friday press conference that Thiago Alcantara won't play again until the New Year.


The Spaniard last appeared in the starting lineup for Liverpool in February during their 3-0 Premier League loss to Wolves. He has not been a member of the manager’s team since May following surgery to treat a longstanding hip injury.

The veteran midfielder had resumed team training in August, but as he was getting closer to making a comeback, he encountered another issue a few weeks later that has kept him sidelined till now.

Due to his ongoing injuries, Thiago, 32, won’t be playing again until the New Year, according to Klopp.

“A little different, Thiago. We are unable to apply any pressure as it is a continuous issue. He should return at the beginning of the New Year. Can’t wait for him to return,” Klopp stated through Neil Jones.

Despite being one of Liverpool’s most skilled players, Thiago has experienced numerous injuries during his tenure at Anfield. Although many fans and the coaching staff both obviously miss seeing him play, his comeback is not currently a huge concern.

The 32-year-old will find it difficult to earn playing time for the remainder of the season because Klopp’s club now has a hot midfield. Liverpool added multiple midfielders throughout the summer.

When the Spaniard returns, which should be early in the upcoming season, he can be employed as a premium player.


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