BREAKING NEWS: Coming live from Santiago bernabeu, “I begged him in training to stay at Man City and turn down Real Madrid, but he still chose Madrid,” Man City captain Kevin De Bruyne revealed. He confirmed that his £60m international teammate is set to join Real Madrid immediately after the EURO, despite De Bruyne’s efforts to keep him at City.


In a surprising turn of events, Manchester City captain Kevin De Bruyne has confirmed at a press conference that his international teammate will be leaving the Premier League champions for Real Madrid. Despite De Bruyne’s efforts to convince him to stay, the player has chosen to join the Spanish giants immediately after the upcoming European Championship.

“I pleaded with him in training today to snub the Real Madrid offer and remain at Manchester City,” De Bruyne revealed to the press. “But he has made up his mind. He still chose Madrid.”

The player, whose identity has not been disclosed but is believed to be a high-profile figure in the transfer market, is reportedly set for a £60 million move. This decision comes after extensive speculation and numerous reports linking him to the La Liga powerhouse.

De Bruyne’s comments highlight the emotional and professional stakes involved. “It’s a huge loss for us,” he admitted. “He’s not just a teammate but a key part of our squad. We’ve achieved so much together, and it’s tough to see him go.”

Manchester City, fresh off another successful season, now faces the challenge of replacing a crucial player in their lineup. The transfer signifies a major shift in the team’s dynamics and underscores Real Madrid’s persistent allure for top-tier football talent.

The decision comes at a critical time with the European Championship on the horizon. The player will now have to balance performing for his national team and preparing for a new chapter at Santiago Bernabéu. This move is expected to bring significant changes to both his career and the future trajectories of Manchester City and Real Madrid.

As the news reverberates through the football community, fans and analysts are keenly watching how Manchester City will respond in the transfer market. Will they seek a like-for-like replacement, or will they adjust their strategy to cope with this high-profile departure?

De Bruyne’s heartfelt plea and subsequent confirmation of his teammate’s decision emphasize the deep bonds within the Manchester City squad and the harsh realities of modern football transfers. The captain’s revelation serves as a poignant reminder of the personal and professional challenges that players and teams face in the ever-evolving landscape of international football.

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