BREAKING NEWS: confirmed from anfield, A collection of brews is being released by Carlsberg, with its partner Erdinger Weissbräu, to celebrate the reign of Jürgen Klopp as manager. Klopp, who is due to leave Liverpool this summer, is being celebrated through one beer for every game that he has manager of the football club. Carlsberg and Erdinger releases special Jürgen Klopp beer.


Klopp’s imminent departure from Liverpool this summer is being commemorated with a unique gesture: a beer crafted for each game he has managed the football club. In total, this amounts to 491 75cl beers jointly produced by Erdinger and Carlsberg, the latter being the club’s official beer sponsor.

The Believers Brew bottles will be made available through specialist sports memorabilia auctioneer Graham Budd starting from May 16th, with all proceeds directed towards the official charity of the club, the LFC Foundation, to support its local initiatives.

The name of the beer, Believers Brew, pays homage to Klopp’s inaugural press conference, during which he pledged to transform “Doubters to Believers.”

In terms of its ingredients, the beer comprises 50% Erdinger’s distinctive wheat malt, 50% Carlsberg’s signature pilsner malt, and yeasts from both breweries utilized in a two-stage brewing process. Additionally, a portion of Red Barley is incorporated to give the beer the same hue as the Liverpool kit.

This unique combination blends Danish and German brewing traditions, resulting in a red beer symbolic of Klopp’s tenure.

Each bottle within the batch of 491 will be individually numbered, corresponding to official fixtures that Klopp has overseen.

Noteworthy bottles include:

– Bottle 206: Liverpool FC 4-0 FC Barcelona – UEFA Champions League, May 7th, 2019, Anfield, Liverpool
– Bottle 208: Liverpool FC 2-0 Tottenham Hotspur FC – UEFA Champions League, June 1st, 2019, Metropolitano Stadium, Madrid
– Bottle 264: Liverpool FC 5-3 Chelsea FC – Premier League, July 22nd, 2020, Anfield, Liverpool

Regarding the auction, Louise Bach, global sponsorships director at Carlsberg, remarked: “Curiosity is a fundamental value for us, and football epitomizes curiosity, with continuous progress and improvement as constant objectives. It has been a joy to witness Jürgen’s journey over the past nine seasons. What better way to celebrate such an icon than by creating something truly unique, collaborating with Erdinger Weissbräu, and contributing to a fantastic cause in the process.”

Dr. Stefan Kreisz, Chairman of the Management Board at Erdinger Weissbräu, added: “With his passion, his insistence on absolute quality, and his zest for life, Klopp embodies the essence of our brand. He serves as a role model in Liverpool and globally for what can be achieved as a team. Therefore, it is especially gratifying that, in collaboration with Carlsberg, we can honor this remarkable accomplishment in a truly special manner. With our shared passion for brewing, we have created something that will bring joy to many people’s lives.”

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