SHOCKING NEWS: Reported by Fabrizio Romano, ruthless sir Jim Ratcliffe puts one of man united’s outstanding player for sale in the upcoming transfer window. According to reports the star player has been Told to find a new club with Casemiro as they no longer needs his service at the club. INEOS ruthlessness in full display as star player “put up for sale”.


The upcoming summer transfer window for Manchester United will play a crucial role in shaping the beginning of the INEOS era at the club. While long-term objectives will be prioritized, an immediate overhaul of the squad is imperative.

Defense emerges as the primary concern, given the club’s alarming record of conceding 81 goals this season, compounded by four challenging fixtures ahead. United’s predicament, where they seemingly need to score four goals per game to secure victory, stems from a combination of an unprecedented number of injuries and poor form.

In response, INEOS aims to adopt a ruthless approach in the summer transfer market, with Victor Lindelof likely to be among those offloaded. According to TalkSport, United intends to recruit two new center-backs, as there are no intentions to extend Raphael Varane’s contract, while Lindelof is slated for sale.

Lindelof, despite facing criticism, particularly regarding his physical attributes, has generally been a dependable presence. However, this season has seen him succumb to the injury plague, diminishing his availability, once deemed one of his strongest assets. Consequently, he joins the list of dispensable players at United, with the club open to offers for his services.

Lindelof’s situation presents a unique opportunity for United to secure a substantial transfer fee, unlike many other surplus players. Although Atletico Madrid expressed interest in him last season, United retained him for squad depth. Similar interest could arise this summer, given Lindelof’s impending contract expiry, making it United’s final opportunity to command a transfer fee for him.

In terms of Financial Fair Play regulations and amortization, any fee acquired for Lindelof would translate into pure profit for United. Since his arrival in 2017, his original value on the club’s books has been depreciated, enhancing the allure of offloading him. Hence, United could capitalize on the chance to generate profit while parting ways with a player who has faced scrutiny and is entering the final year of his contract.

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