BREAKING NEWS: coming from Old Trafford, manchester united league has told ten hag not to start two united players and he has high chance of defeating arsenal. Manchester United and Arsenal are set to lock horns at Old Trafford on Sunday in the Premier League and united legend had a message for ten hag he said “If you want to get a win against arsenal don’t start the both of them together they never turn up in big matches the kill game for him just like they did against Crystal Palace, it will terrible to lose against arsenal”. Don’t start this two players and you will end arsenal title hopes.


Arsenal aims to secure a crucial victory in their penultimate game of the season to maintain their title aspirations until the final matchday. Conversely, Manchester United, with three games remaining, seeks redemption in their league campaign, striving for a late European qualification.

The Red Devils are particularly eager to rebound after suffering a demoralizing 4-0 defeat against Crystal Palace on Monday. Arsenal legend Ian Wright shared his insights on Manchester United’s recent loss and anticipated Sunday’s fixture on the Wrighty’s House podcast.

Wright expressed confidence in Arsenal’s chances of victory, emphasizing the necessity of winning to sustain their title hopes. However, he also empathized with Manchester United, characterizing them as a team in free fall.

Acknowledging Arsenal’s strengths defensively and in midfield, Wright hoped for a Gunners’ triumph while lamenting the rapid decline of Manchester United’s performance. He described the situation as humiliating and admitted it was not enjoyable to witness.

The sympathy shown by an Arsenal legend towards Manchester United marks a significant shift in dynamics. Traditionally, Manchester United was detested by rival fans due to their dominance in the Premier League. Being hated or envied by rivals was a sign of success for United supporters.

However, being pitied signifies a new low for the club. While rival fans may revel in defeats initially, genuine sympathy reflects a team’s decline, highlighting Manchester United’s current predicament.

Manchester United supporters hope for swift action from the club’s leadership to initiate a rebuilding process and restore the team’s competitive edge. They aspire to reclaim a position where rivals envy and resent their success, rather than feeling sorry for their downfall.

Fortunately, Manchester United has an opportunity to initiate their resurgence in the upcoming matches. A victory against Arsenal could derail their title aspirations, bringing joy to United fans. Additionally, the FA Cup final against Manchester City presents a chance to reignite one of football’s fiercest rivalries and spark a revival for the Red Devils.

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