SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Emirates arteta has asked to the club to bring him Manchester United star as his future with the club remains uncertain. He said “I just love that lad he has a lot of qualities that United have failed to see i believe i can bring out the best in him he will do wonders here in Arsenal if giving a chance”. According to reports, Arsenal manager arteta has told the club to bring him England international Marcus Rashford. Marcus Rashford is having a tough time at Manchester United and it is said that Arteta is very interested in working with him. Arsenal have ideal reason to complete Marcus Rashford transfer after clear Man United message.


Marcus Rashford made a significant entrance into the Premier League eight years ago, particularly memorable for Arsenal. In his debut at Old Trafford, he scored within half an hour, marking the start of his journey with Manchester United. From a raw, enthusiastic teenager, he evolved into a pivotal player under Louis van Gaal’s management, helping the team progress into the Europa League last 16.

Despite his roots in Wythenshawe’s academy, Rashford hasn’t always enjoyed universal support among fans. However, just a year ago, he played a crucial role in Erik ten Hag’s attacking strategy, contributing 30 goals across various competitions, surpassing even Arsenal’s top scorers. His remarkable performance included a streak of ten goals in as many games between December 2022 and March, accompanied by five assists.

At only 26, Rashford boasts an impressive record of over 100 goals for Manchester United, earning him two Player of the Year titles and top scorer distinctions in multiple competitions. His trophy cabinet includes two League Cups, a Europa League, and an FA Cup. Yet, despite his accomplishments, Rashford has faced intense scrutiny, both on and off the pitch. Not only has he shouldered the weight of his club during challenging times, but he has also confronted governmental shortcomings, particularly highlighted during the pandemic.

Throughout his professional career, Rashford has been subjected to intense scrutiny and polarizing opinions, oscillating between being hailed as a wonder boy and criticized as a disappointment. Despite acknowledging periods of poor form, Rashford has often faced disproportionate criticism, considering his contributions to his childhood club at the relatively young age of 26.

As Rashford navigates the tumultuous landscape of football, characterized by managerial changes and relentless social media scrutiny, he receives less support than one might expect for a player of his caliber. Despite enduring a challenging season with declining form and speculation about his future, Rashford remains a player worthy of admiration and support.

Despite being targeted by club legends and facing criticism regarding his contract and wages, Rashford’s resilience shines through. However, amidst rumors of potential departures from Manchester United, including Rashford, it’s evident that change is on the horizon for both club and player.

Despite facing backlash and booing from his own supporters, Rashford remains a valuable asset, particularly for clubs like Arsenal. His English nationality, age, versatility, and pace make him a desirable addition to any squad, with potential for further growth and development in the right environment.

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