BREAKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, Barcelona coach Xavi not happy with referee and VAR blunder. He said “Everyone saw it, Real Madrid won because of the referee’s assistance; the referee was against us today,” the manager of FC Barcelona yells at the referee when it is confirmed that Real Madrid shouldn’t have won. Barcelona beat Real Madrid, according to Xavi 😲.


Barcelona’s head coach Xavi sparked controversy in Spain with his recent statements, particularly in the aftermath of the latest El Clásico showdown. In what was a highly anticipated match, Barcelona managed to take the lead twice.

However, their efforts were ultimately in vain as they succumbed to a 3-2 loss against Real Madrid, with goals coming from Vinícius Jr, Lucas Vázquez, and Jude Bellingham.

Despite the disappointing result, Xavi remained unwavering in his belief that Barcelona deserved to win. In his post-match analysis, he stressed that their performance underscored their superiority over Real Madrid.

Xavi expressed confidence in the potential of his youthful squad, pointing out the promising trajectory that lies ahead for Barcelona. He reassured fans that as these young talents mature, they will undoubtedly make significant contributions to the team’s success.

In essence, Xavi’s assertion that Barcelona deserved victory underscores his faith in the team’s capabilities and highlights their unwavering competitive spirit, despite the unfavorable outcome of the match.

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