“GOAL | Trent’s superb free-kick mastery. What a sight to behold!”


“Trent Alexander-Arnold exhibited his exceptional prowess and accuracy by effortlessly curling a flawless free-kick into the net during the match against Fulham. The sheer brilliance of his strike left onlookers mesmerized as it glided past the goalkeeper, underscoring Alexander-Arnold’s composure and proficiency in high-pressure situations.

His flawless technique and precise execution underscored his standing as one of the foremost experts in set-piece scenarios within the sport.

This goal not only marked a crucial turning point for his team but also underscored Alexander-Arnold’s indispensable role in Liverpool’s offensive strategies.

With displays of genius such as this, Alexander-Arnold continues to reinforce his standing as one of the most skilled and influential full-backs on the global stage.”

GOAL | Fulham 0-1 Liverpool | Alexander-Arnold

WHAT A FREE KICK FROM ALEXANDER-ARNOLD !!!!!!!!!!!pic.twitter.com/Iri0kMVsYs
— Tekkers Foot (@tekkersfoot) April 21, 2024

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