BREAKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, war in Anfield as the players are reportedly not in support of Ruben Amorim being their manager and insist they want pep lijnders. According to reports Liverpool’s search for a new manager is still ongoing, and the players at Anfield apparently have preferred pep lijnders to be their next boss. Pep Lijnders knows exactly what’s required to be successful at Liverpool, and if the players really want him as their next manager its best. Give up pep lijnders we don’t want Ruben Amorim players tells club.


Reports emerging from Portugal indicate that Ruben Amorim, currently associated with Sporting, is a strong contender for the managerial role at Liverpool. Should he secure this position, there’s a possibility he could bring along several players from his current team to bolster Liverpool’s squad.

This strategic move mirrors the approach adopted by Jose Mourinho when he transitioned from Porto to Chelsea, enlisting key players like Paulo Ferreira and Ricardo Carvalho to aid in implementing his tactical vision.

Despite Liverpool already possessing a skilled and formidable roster, there are specific areas where the club’s requirements coincide with Amorim’s tactical preferences.

According to a report from Jornal de Noticias, up to four players, namely Marcus Edwards, Ousmane Diomande, Gonçalo Inácio, and Morten Hjulmand, are potentially poised to join Liverpool to complement Amorim’s tactical framework.

With Joel Matip anticipated to depart Liverpool in the upcoming transfer window, there has been deliberation regarding the acquisition of a new central defender. Amorim’s inclination towards a formation featuring three central defenders logically necessitates the addition of at least one more player in this position.

Inácio and Diomande stand out as suitable candidates due to their modern, agile, and adept ball-playing skills, which align well with Amorim’s system. Furthermore, their youthful age renders them ripe for development into elite defenders for Liverpool.

Although Diomande is also attracting interest from other clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea, his potential addition to Liverpool could be instrumental in fortifying the defensive line.

Marcus Edwards, despite not meeting Liverpool’s high statistical standards this season with six goals and eight assists, could potentially thrive in Amorim’s system. Amorim’s tactical setup, featuring two narrow attackers supporting a central striker, could leverage Edwards’ agility and pace, making him a valuable asset off the bench. Additionally, playing alongside higher-quality teammates could catalyze significant improvement in his performance.

However, skepticism arises regarding the prospect of Liverpool splurging €140 million solely on center-backs, especially considering the presence of established defenders like Virgil van Dijk and Ibrahima Konate.

Sporting’s purported demand of €140 million (£120M), with €60 million (£51M) allocated for Inacio and €80 million (£68M) for Diomande, appears exorbitant, particularly considering concerns about Diomande’s injury proneness and Inacio’s age.

While it seems improbable for Liverpool to allocate such a substantial sum solely to replace Matip, who suffered a season-ending ACL injury in December, the prospect of securing either Diomande or Inacio is tantalizing due to their potential to emerge as top-tier defenders in their own right.

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