BREAKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, Arsenal has been left fuming after the referee’s error not to award the last minutes penalty against Bayern Munich. Premier League has finally acknowledged the horrible VAR blunder committed by the referee during the Arsenal vs Bayern Munich. It is really unfortunate that the referee’s negligence caused us to draw the match; we cannot allow this to occur and the match needs to be replayed.😡😡😡


Arsenal’s hopes of securing a last-minute penalty against Bayern Munich were dashed when Bukayo Saka went down in a collision with Manuel Neuer. The Gunners, aiming to carry a 3-2 advantage into the second leg of the quarter-final tie, were left aggrieved by the absence of a spot-kick opportunity to seal the match.

Initially, Ally McCoist believed Saka had been fouled as he made contact with Neuer while maneuvering inside Bayern’s area. However, upon reviewing the incident, McCoist reconsidered, acknowledging Saka’s involvement in the contact and suggesting the referee’s decision might have been correct due to Saka’s action of extending his leg.

Although it was thought that the decision had been scrutinized by VAR, doubts emerged during a debate on TNT Sports, with the punditry team questioning the thoroughness of the officials’ investigation.

Martin Keown expressed astonishment that the decision didn’t favor his former team, emphasizing his belief that the challenge warranted a penalty due to Neuer’s movement towards the ball. Similarly, Rio Ferdinand was incredulous, especially considering the presence of VAR, and argued that Saka’s position as the most dangerous player for Arsenal and Neuer’s challenge justified a penalty.

Continuing to express frustration, Ferdinand highlighted Neuer’s deliberate delay in planting his leg as evidence supporting a penalty decision. Keown reiterated his stance, suggesting that the majority of top European referees would have awarded a penalty in such a scenario, underscoring the significance of the decision in a high-stakes match.

Ferdinand criticized the failure to send the referee to review the incident on the pitch, emphasizing the importance of referees taking responsibility for critical decisions. Keown speculated that the lack of conclusive evidence might have led the officials to defer to the referee’s judgment, but emphasized the severity of the impact and the need for thorough review.

Ferdinand insisted that the referee should have been compelled to review the incident personally, given its significance. Despite scoring the equalizer in the second half, Leandro Trossard shared the sentiment that the officials erred in not awarding a penalty, based on his on-field perception of clear contact.

Overall, Arsenal and its supporters were left frustrated by the lack of a penalty decision, while pundits and players alike voiced their disbelief and dissatisfaction with the outcome.

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