SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, the underachiever manager who 29% win rate who is seen as a failure has unexpectedly emerged as a potential future target for Liverpool’s managerial position, sparking speculation, discussion, and excitement among football enthusiasts worldwide. The shocking news states that the Premier League manager has been considered for the Liverpool position should he continue to impress, according to a report. Shock Premier League manager emerging as future Liverpool target.


Gary O’Neil could potentially be considered for the managerial position at Liverpool if he continues to make a positive impact at Wolves, as reported.

Liverpool is actively seeking a successor to Jurgen Klopp, the revered manager who is set to depart at the end of the season, leaving behind significant expectations to fulfill.

While Xabi Alonso is widely regarded as Liverpool’s top target for the summer, there is uncertainty surrounding his availability, with interest also emanating from Bayern Munich. Roberto de Zerbi, another candidate on Liverpool’s radar, is currently under contract, and although his future at Brighton is uncertain, he appears inclined towards a return to Italy, with Napoli being a potential destination of interest.

Liverpool expert Neil Jones has suggested that another Premier League manager could potentially emerge as a target for the Reds in the future, although perhaps not in the immediate future.

In an interview with Footballwave, Jones provided insights into Liverpool’s ongoing search for a manager, highlighting the relationship between the club’s new CEO of football and sporting director, Richard Hughes, and Wolves manager Gary O’Neil. This connection could potentially position O’Neil as a future target for Liverpool if he continues to demonstrate impressive performance.

Liverpool’s recruitment approach, spearheaded by data analysis led by Will Spearman, is heavily emphasized in the search for Klopp’s successor. While Ruben Amorim and Roberto De Zerbi are held in high regard within Liverpool circles, the club’s executives also maintain strong relationships with Eddie Howe and Gary O’Neil. However, it is unlikely that Howe or O’Neil will be considered for the managerial role this summer.

Nevertheless, if O’Neil continues to impress at Wolves, there is a possibility that he may capture Liverpool’s attention in the future.

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