DEVASTATING NEWS: coming live from Fabrizio Romano,🚨 JUST IN, According to skysport Manchester United have been BARRED from Europe next season as Uefa refuse to change club ownership rules after Ratcliffe takeover. MANCHESTER UNITED have being BARRED from Europe next season after Uefa stuck to their ban on clubs under the same ownership competing against each other. Manchester United fans are left aghast by a ruling that severs the club’s chance at European glory, as the UEFA stands firm in refusing to bend its ownership rules in the wake of British billion”.


Manchester United could face exclusion from European competitions next season as UEFA maintains its ban on clubs under common ownership participating in the same tournament.

UEFA has recently released updated regulations regarding issues of ‘multi-club ownership’. While clubs under the same ownership umbrella are permitted to compete in Europe if they are in different competitions, the prohibition on clubs simultaneously participating in the same tournament remains intact.

This predicament could potentially hinder Manchester United’s European aspirations, particularly due to the recent downturn in form of Nice in France’s Ligue 1. Nice is wholly owned by Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Ineos group, and Ratcliffe had previously confirmed his involvement in United’s football operations following his minority buy-out of shares from the Glazers.

Just last month, Ratcliffe stated that UEFA had assured him there were no circumstances where his ownership of Nice would impede Manchester United’s European participation. However, UEFA has now clarified that there exists a blanket prohibition on clubs under identical ownership partaking in the same competition, despite revisions to its rulebook.

According to a UEFA insider, Manchester United and Nice are indeed barred from competing in the same tournament. While they could potentially feature in different competitions as there is no longer a ‘feeding’ system between competitions, they are restricted from sharing the same European stage.

Manchester United currently sits in sixth place in the Premier League, seemingly on track for a Europa League berth next season, even if English clubs secure an additional Champions League spot through their European performances this term. However, Nice’s dismal form in 2024 could complicate matters significantly.

Despite appearing poised for a Champions League qualification spot in January, Nice’s shocking run of form with just one win in seven matches has seen them plummet to fifth place in Ligue 1 standings.

If Manchester United and Nice maintain their current positions, both clubs would qualify for the Europa League. However, under the regulations, Nice would take precedence as the club “ranked highest in the domestic championship”. This scenario would change if Manchester United clinched the FA Cup, granting them priority and relegating Nice to the Conference League.

Similarly, in the event that both clubs qualify for the Champions League, the team with the higher domestic league finish would secure the spot, with the other club dropping into the Europa League. However, if Nice finishes fourth, only earning a Champions League playoff spot, Manchester United would claim the place.

If both clubs finish in identical positions domestically and qualify for the same competition, Manchester United would be given precedence due to England’s position atop UEFA’s five-year “access list”. Nonetheless, depending on the winners of each country’s domestic cup competitions, there remains a possibility where both Manchester United and Nice qualify for the Conference League, but Nice secures the spot due to a superior league position, leaving Manchester United with no European football.

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