BREAKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, ” we know what we want and we are always ready to give the fans the very best cause without them we’re nothing. Don’t lose FAITH Alonso will be the next coach”. Liverpool fans are stunned by the news that Xabi Alonso could be set to join the club sooner than expected. The early transfer could boost the club’s fortunes and propel it towards the top. Alonso is a “proven” winner and his intricate skill could elevate the team to greatness. The “exciting” news has sent shockwaves.


Dirk Kuyt expresses his lack of surprise at Xabi Alonso’s rapid ascent as a manager and encourages his former Liverpool teammate to seize any opportunity to take over from Jurgen Klopp at Anfield. Having shared the pitch with Alonso for three years at Liverpool before Alonso’s move to Real Madrid in 2009, Kuyt reveals that Alonso always exhibited qualities indicative of a future coach. Observing Alonso’s current success at Bayer Leverkusen, where they lead the Bundesliga by ten points and are contending in the Europa League quarter-finals, Kuyt reflects on Alonso’s strategic mindset during their time together, suggesting it earmarked him for a managerial role.

In an interview with the ECHO ahead of a legends’ match with Ajax, Kuyt emphasizes his belief in Alonso’s managerial potential, noting his steady progression from coaching youth teams to leading Bayer Leverkusen. Kuyt attributes Leverkusen’s newfound competitiveness in the Bundesliga to Alonso’s leadership, highlighting their challenge to traditional powerhouses like Bayern Munich. He acknowledges the rapidity of Alonso’s rise but asserts that it’s a testament to his capabilities, echoing his own observations of Alonso’s tactical acumen during their playing days.

Regarding the managerial prospects of other former teammates like Steven Gerrard, Kuyt acknowledges Gerrard’s ongoing managerial journey with Glasgow Rangers and Aston Villa. Despite Gerrard’s current distance from the Liverpool job, Kuyt believes in his capacity to succeed. Reflecting on Klopp’s impending departure, Kuyt admits his initial shock but recognizes the immense contributions Klopp has made to Liverpool, expressing his wish for Klopp to end his tenure with a Premier League title as a fitting farewell.

As for the upcoming legends’ match against Ajax, Kuyt expresses his excitement at returning to Anfield, highlighting the significance of playing in front of the Liverpool fans and against his former Dutch rivals. He emphasizes the charitable aspect of the match, underscoring the collective effort to give back to the city of Liverpool.

In summary, Dirk Kuyt’s remarks underscore his unwavering belief in Xabi Alonso’s managerial prowess, his admiration for Jurgen Klopp’s legacy at Liverpool, and his anticipation for the upcoming legends’ match as both a reunion with former teammates and an opportunity to support a worthy cause.

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