BREAKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne has “hit out” at manager Pep Guardiola after the team’s “dismal” performance. De Bruyne was “frustrated” with Guardiola’s “baffling” decision to “overthink” the game, which “stifled” the team’s creativity. The Belgian “insisted” that Guardiola’s “tinkering” was a “big reason” for the team’s “lacklustre” display. De Bruyne ‘Fuming’ With Guardiola’s ‘Baffling’ Decision – ‘Overthinking’ Led to ‘Dismal’ Performance”.


Kevin De Bruyne exhibited his remarkable midfield skills by executing a clever corner, initiating Manchester City’s opening goal against Liverpool.

Despite enduring a notable portion of the Premier League campaign on the sidelines due to injury, De Bruyne has established himself as indispensable to Pep Guardiola’s squad, evident in the team’s noticeable dip in performance during his absence. Upon his return, De Bruyne promptly reaffirmed his status as a creative force, once again dazzling against Liverpool.

This fixture likely signifies the last showdown between Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola as managers of their respective clubs, marking the end of a longstanding rivalry that has produced memorable encounters across various competitions.

In a closely contested title race, both sides were keen to secure maximum points. City took the initiative with De Bruyne’s expertly taken corner, catching Liverpool’s defense off guard.

The goal, netted by John Stones, was heavily influenced by De Bruyne’s creativity, earning praise from pundits such as Gary Neville, who commended the midfielder’s tactical acumen.

De Bruyne’s return from injury has been pivotal for City, as evidenced by his impressive statistics since his comeback. With two goals and 13 assists in 13 appearances, he has been a driving force behind City’s pursuit of the title.

His impact on the team’s performance is indisputable, underscoring his significance as they contend for Premier League glory against rivals like Liverpool and Arsenal.

As City aims to secure the Premier League crown in May, De Bruyne’s influence is anticipated to be crucial, highlighting his role as a key figure in their attacking setup.

His absence earlier in the season underscored his value to the team, with City experiencing a noticeable improvement when he is on the field.

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