BREAKING NEWS: Mason Greenwood has reportedly asked authorities to halt their investigation into Jude Bellingham. The Real Madrid player is facing allegations of racially abusing a referee, which could result in a 10-game ban if he is found guilty.


Joselu scored twice as Real Madrid secured a comfortable 2-0 victory, enhancing their chances of capturing the Spanish title following last season’s disappointment against Barcelona.

Getafe has officially filed a complaint with LaLiga regarding the incident, leading the league to refer the matter to the competition committee of the RFEF. If Jude Bellingham is found responsible, he could potentially face a four-match suspension for a ‘serious’ offense. However, if the offense is classified as ‘grave,’ the punishment could escalate to a 10-match ban.

Mason Greenwood, as reported by The Sun, is advocating for the case to be dismissed. Despite feeling ‘upset’ by Bellingham’s comment, the Manchester United loanee is keen to avoid any disciplinary repercussions. According to a source, Greenwood has expressed his desire for leniency, stressing his preference to focus on football and steer clear of negative attention.

While initially taken aback by Bellingham’s statement, Greenwood acknowledges the importance of resilience in such circumstances. His journey has been marked by challenges, including his arrest on suspicion of attempted rape in January 2022. However, prosecutors dropped the case in February last year, enabling Greenwood to resume his football career.

The decision was attributed to the withdrawal of key witnesses and new evidence that weakened the likelihood of a conviction. Throughout the ordeal, Greenwood maintained his innocence and has since found happiness in Spain with his young family.

Despite his past difficulties, there have been indications from Sir Jim Ratcliffe about a potential comeback to Manchester United, though he refrained from discussing Greenwood specifically.

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