SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has blasted the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) after Virgil van Dijk’s goal was ruled out in their match against Chelsea. Klopp described the decision as “the worst VAR decision ever” and said “Bradley given a yellow for not fighting Chillwell back. • Caicedo no fouls or cards after sending Gravenberch out on a stretcher. • Goal disallowed from Van Dijk because ‘offside’ not from Van Dijk. they were against us all through the match, but what they don’t know is you can’t stop a moving train”. Liverpool’s Klopp Fumes Over ‘Worst VAR Decision Ever’ as Van Dijk Goal Ruled Out”.


The Dutch player skillfully directed Andrew Robertson’s free-kick into the net with considerable power, then celebrated triumphantly after outjumping Ben Chilwell to score the opening goal at Wembley. However, his elation was short-lived due to the intervention of VAR, which prompted an on-field review for an offside infringement. While Van Dijk himself was in an onside position, his Japanese teammate Endo was offside when Robertson took the free-kick for Liverpool.

Although Endo’s offside position did not directly affect Van Dijk’s ability to score, he did obstruct Chelsea defender Levi Colwill from reaching the ball. In a contentious decision, referee Chris Kavanagh disallowed Van Dijk’s goal because Endo’s offside position was deemed to have influenced the game by impeding Colwill.

This ruling added to the frustration of Jurgen Klopp, who had already expressed displeasure with the refereeing team following a reckless challenge by Moises Caicedo on Ryan Gravenberch, which resulted in the Dutch player being stretchered off the pitch.

However, VAR’s decision to nullify Van Dijk’s goal sparked even more controversy than the decision not to issue a red card to Caicedo, leading Liverpool fans to express their anger towards VAR on various social media platforms.

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