SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, “Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger has blasted Mikel Arteta’s management and tactics of the Gunners, accusing him of “destroying” the legacy that he left behind. Wenger, who managed Arsenal for 22 years, was critical of Arteta’s decision to bench £70 million signing against Porto. He said ” Arteta is destroying the team I worked so hard to establish, he thinks he’s pep Guardiola; otherwise, how can you bench a world-class player for someone who isn’t even supposed to be playing for Burnley? This is not the legacy I left behind’.


Arsene Wenger, the iconic former Arsenal manager, voiced his disappointment with current manager Mikel Arteta’s decisions, particularly regarding team selection. Wenger criticized Arteta for sidelining a prominent player, suggesting that it compromised the team’s potential success. The discontent arose following Arsenal’s lackluster performance in the Champions League Round of 16 first leg against Porto. Despite entering the match with momentum from the Premier League, Arsenal struggled to generate meaningful opportunities and failed to capitalize on their favored status.

During the game, Arsenal’s failure to establish dominance was evident, with Porto even creating better chances despite having less possession. The disappointment shed light on the underwhelming performances of key players, notably Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli. Saka, typically reliable, failed to make a significant impact and received a modest rating for his subdued display. Similarly, Martinelli struggled to leave his mark, a contrast to his recent standout performance against Burnley.

While both players received similar ratings, Martinelli’s subdued performance raised more concerns about his ability to consistently deliver at the highest level. The overall lackluster showing emphasized the importance of consistency, particularly in crucial European fixtures. Moving forward, Arteta’s Arsenal must regroup and rediscover their form to overcome this setback and advance in the Champions League. This situation underscores the challenges and expectations associated with managing a top-tier football club.

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