BREAKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, “Trust me He is going to win Balon d’ior one day if He continues like this, Even Kareem Benzema and van Dijk doesn’t reach this level before they won it that time he’s smart and love watching him play he has all the qualities to win the Balon d’ior even mbappe and haaland”. Michelle Owen reveals the only ONE Arsenal player that will win Balon d’ior soon.


Michelle Owen predicts that a current Arsenal player will eventually win the Ballon d’Or, expressing confidence in their potential. She compares this player’s trajectory to that of renowned footballers like Karim Benzema and Virgil van Dijk, suggesting that if they maintain their current level of performance, they could achieve this prestigious accolade.

Former footballer Michael Owen recently commended the promising abilities of William Saliba, Arsenal’s young defender. At just 22 years old, Saliba has already made a significant impact in the Premier League, drawing attention for his exceptional defensive skills.

Owen, drawing from his own experiences in the sport, lauded Saliba as a valuable asset for Arsenal, praising his talent and potential during an interview with Premier League Productions.

Despite facing challenges since joining Arsenal in 2019 for a substantial fee, Saliba’s journey to recognition has been marked by resilience. Initially struggling for opportunities under Unai Emery’s management, Saliba seized the chance to grow through loan spells, which proved pivotal in his development.

Owen highlighted Saliba’s adaptability and promising attributes, likening him to defensive stalwarts such as Virgil van Dijk. With his blend of athleticism, skill, and tactical awareness, Saliba possesses the ingredients to establish himself as a defensive powerhouse.

Despite initial setbacks, Saliba’s perseverance and Arsenal’s patience have yielded results. As the club navigated through turbulent periods, Saliba emerged as a cornerstone of their defensive lineup, showcasing his capabilities on the pitch.

As Arsenal aims for success in the Premier League, Saliba’s role assumes greater significance. If he contributes to the team’s triumphs, his reputation within the footballing world will undoubtedly ascend, solidifying his position as one of the league’s standout defenders.

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