BREAKING NEWS: Announced by football guru Fabrizio Romano, Manchester United are back! That’s the verdict of many fans and pundits after the club’s new owner, Jim Ratcliffe, made a number of eye-catching first moves. Ratcliffe, who is a lifelong United fan, has been quick to stamp his authority on the club, making some bold decisions that have been widely praised.with Omar Berrada who recently joined from Manchester City and now one of the very best in business of football Dan Ashworth would be making a move from Newcastle to Manchester United. Ratcliffe is showing that he is serious about taking United back to the top. Some are even suggesting that United are once again an elite club. Man Utd Return to Elite Status With Ratcliffe’s ‘Magical’ First Moves.


On the field, there has been a noticeable improvement, particularly under the management of Erik ten Hag, who was previously rumored to be leaving. However, there’s a discernible atmosphere surrounding the club’s recent actions. They’re successfully attracting some of the top executives from rival clubs, showcasing an unparalleled appeal.

Omar Berrada, formerly associated with Manchester City, has recently taken on the role of CEO, while there’s speculation that Dan Ashworth could soon follow suit from Newcastle. The club’s ambitious recruitment of these influential figures indicates a determined effort to regain their status as a footballing powerhouse, something they’ve been striving for over the past decade.

Berrada played a crucial role in City’s recent achievements, overseeing various aspects of the club’s operations during a period of domestic and international success. His decision to switch allegiances and join the Red Devils from their rivals suggests that the project offered by Ineos is enticing to the top players in the game.

As for Ashworth, the Magpies’ sporting director, his recruitment played a part in their return to the Champions League after a twenty-year absence. Ashworth is renowned for his expertise in player recruitment and development, particularly with young English talent, aligning well with Ineos’ vision.

The appointments of Berrada and Ashworth signify a promising future for Manchester United. Ineos is making strategic moves, despite the team’s lackluster performance this season. Manchester United’s allure and prestige remain undeniable, arguably making them the biggest club in England, regardless of recent achievements.

While some may downplay the significance of these backroom additions, the reality is that Manchester United has hindered two of their rivals in the league. Moreover, the impending transition at Liverpool couldn’t have occurred at a more opportune time.

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