BREAKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, Ferdinand has weighed in on the debate surrounding Arsenal star player, saying that he’s never a “world-class” player. The former Manchester United defender acknowledged that the 22-year-old is a talented player, but feels that the player doesn’t have the potential to be regarded as one of the in the world. He said “He is good no doubt but He is never up to standard of being called a World-class, I don’t know why Arsenal keeps hyping Him,He is not even better than Foden and Rashford”.


Former Manchester United icon Rio Ferdinand recently commented on Arsenal’s emerging talent, Bukayo Saka, in the wake of the Gunners’ impressive 6-0 triumph over West Ham United. While Ferdinand commended Saka for his standout performance in the game, which included a crucial penalty goal and a trademark strike, he also raised doubts about Saka’s current status as a world-class player.

Despite Saka’s pivotal role in the match and his milestone achievement of scoring 50 goals for Arsenal across various competitions, Ferdinand refrained from categorizing him as “world-class” at this stage. He expressed reservations about the immense pressure placed on the young athlete and stressed the importance of consistent performance, particularly in high-profile competitions like the Champions League knockout rounds.

Ferdinand emphasized the necessity for Saka to achieve statistics akin to top-tier players such as Mohamed Salah before being hailed as world-class. While acknowledging Saka’s accomplishments, Ferdinand underscored the room for further growth and development required to attain elite status.

At just 22 years old, Saka possesses ample time to refine his abilities and establish himself as one of the premier talents globally. As he gains experience, including participation in his inaugural Champions League campaign and potential involvement in Euro 2024, discussions surrounding his standing as a world-class player are expected to intensify.

Ultimately, Saka’s on-field performances and his capability to excel under pressure will dictate his trajectory and cement his position among football’s elite. Presently, he stands as a promising prospect with the potential to achieve greatness in the forthcoming years.

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