SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio, war in Stamford Bridge, Chelsea legend Drogba has slammed the board members and Boehly’s scattershot Chelsea recruitment. The Blues have become notorious for their ridiculous player turnover ever since Todd Boehly took over the club from ousted Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich in 2022. North of €1 billion has been spent on new recruits, but with little tangible success to show for it. He said ” The absurd number of new signings has hamstrung Chelsea this season, The problem is not that the players are so young. The problem is that the team is young. With 16 or 17 players that have arrived new from the beginning of the season, you need to build a team At the moment, the mistake has cost us is alot. If not, we could be in another position. It’s obvious.”

Mauricio Pochettino claims that Chelsea has been hampered this season by the ridiculous amount of new arrivals.


Since Todd Boehly assumed control of Chelsea from ousted Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich in 2022, the club has gained notoriety for its frequent player turnover. Despite splurging over €1 billion on new signings, the Blues have struggled to translate this investment into tangible success. Following a disappointing 12th-place finish last season and the dismissal of two permanent coaches, Chelsea finds itself once again mired in mid-table mediocrity.

Under Mauricio Pochettino’s management, the team’s performance has been marked by inconsistency. Just when they seem poised for a strong run of form, they falter with lackluster performances, leaving fans frustrated. While many attribute Chelsea’s woes to the youth and inexperience of their squad, Pochettino rejects this notion.

Instead, Pochettino points the finger at Chelsea’s haphazard recruitment strategy, which saw the arrival of 13 senior players at Stamford Bridge during the summer transfer window at a combined cost of €468 million. Contrary to popular belief, Pochettino asserts that the issue lies not in the youthfulness of the players but rather in the lack of cohesion within the team. He emphasizes the challenge of integrating a large number of new arrivals into the squad and building a cohesive unit.

Despite initially claiming that Chelsea had achieved a “good balance” between youth and experience, Pochettino later concedes that this balance may not be as effective as he had hoped. The team’s current position in the table serves as a stark reminder of the challenges they face in finding harmony on the pitch.

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