SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, it seems that the money-hungry Glazer family are at it again, this time with plans to have Manchester United players wear cameras during matches. This would allow them to earn more money from advertising and sponsorship deals, and would be a unique way to monetize the club’s assets. The news has been met with widespread criticism, with many fans and pundits questioning the ethical implications of such a move. But for the Glazers, it seems that nothing is off the table when it comes to making a profit. Money-Hungry Glazers Want to Turn United Players Into Walking Billboards.


ESPN’s Mark Ogden reports that the Glazers, owners of Manchester United since 2005, are pushing for players to wear bodycams during matches. Despite criticism for their perceived disconnect from fans, the American owners are seeking innovative ways to engage supporters. Recently, Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS group acquired a 25% stake in the club, pending ratification. While INEOS may gain control over footballing operations, the Glazers are reluctant to relinquish complete control.

Avram and Joe Glazer reportedly envision significant organic growth potential for Manchester United in the coming years. One avenue they aim to explore is the implementation of augmented reality (AR). Through AR, fans could experience matches from the perspective of their favorite players using bodycams. A source close to the Glazers shared with ESPN (via SportBIBLE) their ambitious vision for AR technology, highlighting the potential for revenue generation from the global fanbase.

The Glazers, also owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have prior experience with AR, as the NFL team pioneered its use in 2016. While some football teams have experimented with AR in pre-season matches, its use in official games is currently restricted by IFAB regulations.

Meanwhile, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Britain’s wealthiest individual, aims to make a lasting impact at Manchester United through his INEOS group’s minority stake acquisition. Ratcliffe, a lifelong fan of the club, is driven by a desire to leave a legacy. According to Chris Wheeler of the Daily Mail, Ratcliffe envisions building a new stadium for Manchester United, aspiring for it to rival iconic venues like Camp Nou and Anfield. He is reportedly interested in creating a “Wembley of the north,” signaling his ambition to elevate the club’s stature and infrastructure.

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