DEVASTATING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, Manchester United legend has called on the club and the fans to prepare for life without rashford as the united star will be leaving at the end of the season due to his constant indiscipline act. He also stated that Marcus Rashford is a “bad apple” who is undermining his manager Erik ten Hag and his Manchester United team mates, Rashford wouldn’t have got away with this behaviour at that club. Fergie would certainly not have tolerated it”.

Graeme Souness claims that Marcus Rashford is a "bad apple" who is undermining both his Manchester United teammates and manager Erik ten Hag.


Rashford, aged 26, faced criticism for his absence from training last week, having spent two nights out in Belfast. As a consequence, the Manchester United forward was excluded from the squad that traveled to Newport for the FA Cup fourth round. Despite making a triumphant return with a goal in the thrilling 4-3 Premier League victory over Wolves, former Liverpool star Souness believes Rashford has a significant journey ahead to make amends.

Souness expressed his view in his Mail Plus column, stating, “Rashford wouldn’t have been tolerated for this behavior in the past at that club, as senior players would have guided him on the appropriate conduct. Fergie would certainly not have accepted it either. It shouldn’t solely be the responsibility of senior players to impart these home truths; his brothers, who are his agents, should prevent him from engaging in foolish actions and enlighten him on the embarrassment he brings upon himself.”

Manchester United has encountered challenges in front of goal this Premier League season, and Rashford has not been exempt from these struggles, netting only five goals compared to last season’s total of 30 in all competitions. Souness criticized Rashford’s conduct, stating, “While he continues to behave like a 19-year-old with excessive wealth, the jury remains out on him as a player.”

Souness posed a crucial question, asking whether Rashford could be considered a ‘top player’ with just one standout season since his emergence as an 18-year-old in 2016. He expressed skepticism, stating, “I would strongly suggest not.” Rashford’s recent private jet trip to Belfast, including reports of tequila consumption and a late return to Manchester, added to Souness’ disapproval, asserting that such behavior has placed Manchester United manager Ten Hag in a challenging position.

“Manchester United currently requires the best version of Rashford, but instead, they are witnessing the worst – someone misbehaving off the field and contributing only five goals in the Premier League this season,” Souness remarked. He emphasized the pressure Rashford is putting on Ten Hag, stating, “He is undermining the management and the team, a bad apple in the squad.”

Despite renewed links to Paris Saint-Germain, with reports suggesting interest in previous transfer windows, Souness believes it’s not too late for Rashford to salvage a successful career at Old Trafford. He attributed Rashford’s situation to a case of receiving too much too soon, stating, “He still has the potential and time to be a fabulous player, but his current conduct reflects that of a nearly-man.”

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