SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, with the transfer window coming to a close in the next 48hrs Chelsea has hijacked a almost done in the premier League as the star player is already scheduled for medical today at Chelsea.

David Ornstein reports that the 'done' Antonio Nusa deal with Brentford has encountered an unforeseen roadblock.


Brentford initially appeared triumphant in securing the services of Norwegian prodigy Antonio Nusa from Club Brugge. The young talent, often compared to Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, had attracted attention from Chelsea during the summer of 2023, and more recently, Tottenham was actively pursuing his signing. Despite reports suggesting that Spurs had successfully secured Nusa’s arrival, Brentford managed to outmaneuver them by allegedly agreeing to a €30 million deal, allowing Nusa to continue with Brugge until the season’s end.

Advancements in negotiations between Brentford and Club Brugge were so notable that renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano confidently declared “here we go.” However, recent developments have introduced uncertainty into Nusa’s proposed transfer to Brentford, as highlighted by David Ornstein of The Athletic. Complications in the deal, despite reaching necessary agreements, have hindered its finalization, and there are indications of a setback in the process.

Ornstein suggests that this setback could create an opening for other clubs to intervene and potentially hijack Brentford’s deal. Time is of the essence, given the impending English transfer deadline on Thursday. Alternatively, the entire move could collapse, leaving Nusa with Brugge until the summer. With Nusa’s contract extending until 2027, Club Brugge faces no immediate pressure to cash in on the young talent. They may even consider postponing any transfer dealings to the next window, anticipating a more favorable arrangement. The intricate web of uncertainties surrounding Nusa’s transfer underscores the fluid nature of football negotiations, with potential outcomes ranging from successful acquisition to a deal-breaking standstill.

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