SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, real Madrid fans are currently raging about the transfer situation with Kylian Mbappe and are calling on the the club to forget him and get them Erling Haaland. There is a growing sense of belief within the fans that while playing for Real Madrid was once his dream, this has now lost credibility, which is why he has left them waiting for two years. This betrayal deeply wounded Real Madrid fans, prompting them to turn their backs on him. “Forget about Mbappe give us HAALAND” Real Madrid fans cries out.


Currently, any talk about Kylian Mbappe potentially moving to Real Madrid appears unfounded, and the entire situation has become uninteresting. A debate among club fans is underway, with a significant portion of Real Madrid supporters reportedly opposing the Frenchman’s arrival, viewing it as a major issue for the team, according to a Footballwave report.

The story revolves around Mbappe’s prolonged decision-making, causing a delay for Real Madrid. With his contract expiring at the season’s end, he has the freedom to negotiate a pre-contract agreement. However, the French striker is taking his time, prompting the club to explore alternative options.

Fans now doubt that playing for Real Madrid was once Mbappe’s dream, as his prolonged indecision over two years has eroded the credibility of that dream, leading to a sense of betrayal among Real Madrid supporters who have turned away from him.

Concerns extend beyond his decision-making, encompassing doubts about his motives—whether he is motivated by financial gain or prestige. The fans are wary of committing to a player who has displayed indecisiveness since 2017.

In contrast, Mbappe feels cherished in Paris, while in Madrid, he must work to regain that affection after rejecting them on multiple occasions.

The primary apprehension among fans revolves around the potential financial repercussions of Mbappe’s signing, fearing it could disrupt the club’s finances. Although the club’s board is unlikely to go overboard to secure him, they acknowledge that his arrival could be a prudent investment.

However, on the field, his signing could lead to drama. While some fans, particularly the French contingent, might welcome him, others may not be pleased. The competition for the same position as Vinicius Jr. and the potential to overshadow him could create tension. This is especially noteworthy as Vinicius Jr. is already facing competition from Jude Bellingham, who has emerged as a star player.

Furthermore, signing Mbappe may exceed the club’s salary limits, causing discomfort among top-level players who believe they perform just as well, if not better, than the Frenchman. Overall, the situation surrounding Kylian Mbappe’s potential move to Real Madrid is marked by uncertainty, fan opposition, and concerns about the financial and on-field implications.

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