EXCLUSIVE NEWS: coming from Anifield, jurgen klopp has praised Liverpool star players after his magnificent performance in the fA cup triumph against Norwich City and has called for the the board to renew the players contract.

Coach Jurgen Klopp complimented midfielder Curtis Jones on his outstanding play before making a lighthearted jab at him.


The Liverpool academy graduate has showcased remarkable performances in the midfield throughout this season, emerging as one of Liverpool’s standout players. His consistency was once again evident in Liverpool’s FA Cup triumph, where he not only opened the scoring with a delightful header assisted by James McConnell but also demonstrated defensive prowess.

With five goals to his name this season, the local talent’s impact extends beyond scoring. Defensively, he contributed with a tackle, excelled in three ground duels, provided two key passes, and maintained a 100% dribble success rate. Notably, his defensive capabilities have seen the most improvement, shaping him into a midfielder evolving into a well-rounded player.

Jurgen Klopp playfully acknowledged Jones’ defensive strides, emphasizing the player’s vital role. In an interview with ITV Sport after the victory, Klopp humorously remarked, “Curtis is in a great moment for us. He’s super important in different departments for us. He’s a very good player and he’s kind of a role model as well for all our academy guys.”

Highlighting the significance of players transitioning from the academy, Klopp added, “Coming up from the academy, all our boys are good footballers, all of them. Otherwise, they would not go through all the different age groups.” Klopp playfully suggested that if Curtis Jones can learn defending, it sets an example for everyone, saying, “If Curtis Jones can learn defending, everybody can learn defending!”

Furthermore, Klopp praised Jones for setting the rhythm with his high press and intensity, emphasizing his pivotal role in shaping the team’s style of play. Jones’ evolution into a multifaceted midfielder has not only contributed to Liverpool’s success but also serves as inspiration for aspiring players within the club’s academy.

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