BREAKING NEWS. Coming from Fabrizio Romano “It’s either he joins Real Madrid or I lose my beloved Club. Sign him in January.” The owner of Real Madrid has given Ancelotti the order to hire the 22-year-old attacker who placed ahead of Jude Bellingham in the Ballon d’Or tournament, or else he risks losing his position.


The 20-year-old displayed his talent last season by scoring nine goals in the top flight and garnered attention for his outstanding performance in the FIFA U20 World Cup, where he scored the decisive goal in the final against Italy. Previously linked to Real Madrid, reports from Tuttomercatoweb now suggest Juventus is entering the race to sign Rodriguez, recognizing him as one of South America’s most promising players in his age group. His notable achievements hint at a potential move to Europe, with various top clubs expressing interest.

Juventus, renowned for nurturing young talent, is keen to enhance its squad by securing Rodriguez. However, they face tough competition from other elite clubs, and it’s expected that a compelling offer for his transfer may need to wait until the summer.

Rodriguez’s stellar Youth World Cup performance has heightened interest in him, making him a sought-after prospect in the footballing world. While Juventus sees him as a valuable addition, concerns arise about the competition he would face for a spot in the team. The squad’s surplus of strikers poses challenges to the potential move, as Rodriguez evaluates the competition for playing time.

Although the allure of joining a prestigious club like Juventus is strong, Rodriguez’s decision may be influenced by squad dynamics and existing competition. As the transfer saga unfolds, it remains uncertain which top club will secure the services of the talented Uruguayan, with Juventus positioning itself as a contender in the pursuit of Luciano Rodriguez.

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