SHOCKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, Arsenal are said to be serious in signing premier league super talented midfielder and personal terms have been agreed but the club want more than what was offered. Arsenal are in with a new deal, the Gunners are ready to offer two of their players plus cash to secure their Long term target.


During the summer transfer window, significant interest surrounded a player valued at £33.5 million, drawing attention from both Chelsea and Manchester United.

Despite endeavors from other clubs, Onana remained with Everton, successfully eluding transfer attempts. However, signs indicate Everton is now preparing for renewed efforts to secure the star, as Arsenal contemplates making a move.

Journalist Sacha Tavolieri reports ongoing “intensive talks” between Everton and Arsenal regarding a potential deal. Tavolieri emphasizes the player’s “priority” is continuing his career in the Premier League, expressing particular enthusiasm for relocating to North London. This sets the stage for a potential tug-of-war between Everton and Arsenal for the highly talented individual. Chelsea and Manchester United were previously linked to the player during the summer, underscoring the heightened demand for his services.

The fact that Everton successfully retained the player in the previous transfer window suggests a determined effort to preserve their prized asset. However, the current situation indicates Arsenal has entered with serious intentions, with ongoing talks suggesting genuine interest from both parties in exploring the possibility of Onana joining Arsenal.

The journalist’s assertion that the player’s “priority” is to stay in the Premier League underscores his keenness for a move to North London. As negotiations unfold, Everton might find themselves in a challenging position, particularly if the player strongly expresses a desire to switch to Arsenal. The Premier League has long been a sought-after destination for Onana, and a move to a top-tier club like Arsenal would undoubtedly be an appealing prospect.

The ever-changing dynamics of the transfer market leave the player’s future hanging on the outcome of these “intensive talks” between Everton and Arsenal. For now, Premier League clubs involved, along with the player, closely monitor developments, anticipating a resolution aligning with their respective interests.

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