BREAKING NEWS: Fabrizio Romano claims that everything is set up. The transfer whispers are raging, and Virgil van Dijk has fueled the flames by implying that Kylian Mbappe is headed to Liverpool. “I can tell with certainty that the board and management are working on something major,” he stated. “MBAPPE is coming to Anfield.” Kylian obviously have a unique talent. We’re waiting and prepared to collaborate with him, so you and the rest of the team need to be at your best while facing him.

According to what Virgil van Dijk said about Kylian Mbappe in an interview, the centre back would love to have the PSG forward play for Liverpool.


Kylian Mbappe, set to become a free agent at the end of the season, is under close scrutiny from Liverpool and Real Madrid. The uncertainty lingers over whether Liverpool, despite doubts, would be willing to cover the expenses associated with acquiring the 25-year-old striker. L’Equipe hints at a positive sentiment from Kylian Mbappe towards Jurgen Klopp’s team, suggesting potential flexibility in contract negotiations.

Liverpool’s captain, Virgil van Dijk, lauded Mbappe’s extraordinary talent in an interview with France Football. Recognized as one of the Premier League era’s greatest defenders, the Netherlands international emphasized the challenge of facing Mbappe, stressing the collective need for the entire team to be at their peak.

Mbappe remains resolute in not finalizing his plans, leaving the possibility of a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain still viable. Van Dijk, shifting focus, extolled the virtues of his central defensive partner, Ibrahima Konate, whom he may encounter at Euro 2024 as the Netherlands is drawn against France. Expressing admiration for Konate’s swift progress, Van Dijk highlighted his current skill level and envisioned him evolving into one of the world’s premier defenders.

The Liverpool captain expressed joy in witnessing Konate’s growth, describing it as a genuine pleasure to work with him daily and observe continuous improvement. Van Dijk expressed confidence in Konate’s potential to ascend to the ranks of the best defenders globally.

Currently on a winter break, Liverpool and Van Dijk are not scheduled for Premier League action until the following week when they will face Bournemouth at home. This respite allows the team to recharge before their upcoming fixtures.

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