DEVASTATING NEWS: Reports coming from Fabrizio Romano, “this is hard for me to say but it’s true the signs are there, they no longer need me at the club I think I have shown the world my potentials and I can’t remain in a place where I’m not wanted it’s is time for me to go”. Barcelona faces a predicament as they are on the verge of losing their exceptional star player to Manchester City. The player has openly told the club he wants to and is on the verge of joining Manchester City as they’re open in welcoming the star player. Barcelona are in trouble as they are about to lose their sensational star player to Manchester city.

Barcelona is reportedly "extremely concerned" for Pedri's well-being.


Pedri, once a sensation at Camp Nou, has encountered fitness challenges this season, limiting his appearances for Barcelona to just 13 matches. Rumors suggest Barcelona might consider transferring the 21-year-old to Arsenal in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Injuries have plagued Pedri’s season, with two periods on the sidelines due to a hamstring issue and a current muscular problem, forcing him to miss crucial matches, impacting Barcelona’s performance. Concerns intensify within the club about his susceptibility to injuries, especially recurring quadriceps problems.

Barcelona attributes Pedri’s fitness struggles to potential burnout from his strenuous first season at the club, where he participated in an exhausting total of 66 matches. Following that, in the past two-and-a-half years, he has only managed 76 appearances, raising significant concerns about his durability in the long term.

While Barcelona hopes Pedri can overcome these issues, they harbor reservations about his future fitness. His talent hasn’t gone unnoticed, as other clubs like Manchester City and Bayern Munich also show interest, seeing potential in his technical abilities despite his injury woes.

Arsenal views Pedri as a possible alternative to Martin Odegaard or envisions utilizing him in a role similar to Granit Xhaka’s deeper midfield position. Meanwhile, Manchester City sees him as a potential replacement for Kevin De Bruyne, a player with his own injury concerns and linked with a move to the Saudi Pro League.

For Barcelona, selling Pedri could generate a significant financial windfall, a welcome prospect considering the club’s financial struggles. His estimated transfer value of €65 million could soar higher if he maintains fitness, offering the buying club immense potential gains. SciSports, the data analytics experts, highlight Pedri’s potential to become the world’s best player, adding weight to the risk Barcelona faces in potentially letting go of such a valuable asset from their squad.

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